Thursday, August 16, 2012

Left Hemispheres: Best of Year 2

So it is the end of Year 2 and Year 3 begins. I can’t believe we still do this to tell you the truth. I want to thank all the readers and followers that share our stuff and join in the conversation whether that’s on here, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or via email. This is our little corner of the Internet and thanks for hanging out with us.

Last year we did a best of Year One so we’re doing it again! I’m just going to list some posts that are either our favorites or your favorites determined by hits and shares. Please enjoy.


The Premise of Atheism My simple explanation.

The Dominionism Series OK, this is actually five posts under one banner, but damn it I worked hard on this! I did a lot of research on Dominion Theology, Dominionist politics, and the two main offshoots because I saw a lot of confusion on the matter. Rumor has it that a new one may be written soon...

Above All...Faith This was originally a guest post for Martin Pribble. It is actually a compilation of sorts from many of my past essays that I cobbled together to be a more coherent piece.

The Two Faiths I shed some light on the common equivocation by theists that everyone has/needs faith.

Discarding Relativism I am always surprised at the posts that strike a nerve with people. I got a lot of positive feedback for this one that I didn’t expect.

So You Want to Misrepresent Atheism My response to a Christian apologist’s “spoof” of atheism. My problem wasn’t that he wrote a parody of atheism, but that it was a parody of fallacies. There is actually plenty of material to write something funny about us (which I welcome if done well), but this wasn’t it.

Supernatural Selection In which I set my sights on liberal believers that “accept” evolution,” but think “God did it.”

Cain as the First “Other” My breakdown of Genesis 4:1-15.

Why Atheists Shouldn't "Shut the Fuck Up" My response to “progressive” Christian’s request for us get it.

The Doublethink of Liberal Theology Kind of self-explanatory.

The Irrelevance of Choosing to Be Gay I stepped out of my comfort zone for this one. I almost didn’t post this, but I am glad I did.

Christopher Hitchens & My Antitheism My tribute to Hitch.

A Freethinker is Satan’s Slave A quick explanation of the theological basis for this famous conservative Christian sign.

There is No Controversy My reaction to a creationist co-worker. He’s a good guy though. This week I made a comment that “We are just apes in shoes” just to watch him shake his head.


A Natural Agent
Any entity that acts "outside" of the system of the known laws of nature can't act inside the system without becoming part of it. If miracles were happening we couldn't have science.

Faith is a Locked Door
Inspired by a conversation with a theist who didn't even want to consider a godless universe.

God's Gay Mistake
God didn't make gay people on purpose. Did he?

The God Box
Inspired by another conversation with someone who said that my view of the god concept was incoherent  because my perception of God was too small. I beg to differ.  

Faith In Doubt
I really just wanted to use the Doubting Thomas pic.

Where Did All The Theists Go?
This one's for all those "universal consciousness" people.

Lies We Tell Our Children
Why did we stop telling them about Krampus?  Oh, right -- Satan.

The Myth of the Homosexual Predator
A dissection of an article claiming that sexual abuse creates homosexuality.

Nick our new guy

Rock Beyond Belief While Adam and I went to Reason Rally, Nick attended Rock Beyond Belief

Losing My (Liberal) Religion Nick gives up on the Unitarian Universalist Church. This post is complete with an embedded sermon he gave at the church which likely didn’t win many fans.

No Gods, No Masters: What the Atheist Movement Can Learn From Anarchism Everyone associated with LH has a different political philosophy.


Aftermath Just so everyone is aware; Jack is alive and well.

Guest Posts

Ron Paul: Enemy of Individual Liberty This really stirred up a hornet's nest! We aren’t partial to Paul and his Objectivist nonsense around these parts. Jason took no prisoners.

Attitude Inoculation Diving deeper into cognitive dissonance.

Slandering the Heretics by Colby Hess This was the first guest post/cross post by Colby Hess. I read this on disinformation and asked him if he wanted another medium to post at. Thankfully he said yes.

Just a Few Phil Hellenes Videos Because I Love Each and Every One of Them

Through These Godless Eyes


Dust That Sings


Greta Christina: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

Dr. Peter Boghossian - Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and other Delusions: Just Say No!

The Complete Idiots Guide to Atheism

The Sagan Series Pt. 1-9

Other Awesome Stuff

God on Trial: The Verdict Possibly my favorite video ever posted on this site.

Think I can’t wait to show my daughter this video someday.

An Invocation for Beginnings The return of ZeFrank

OMG you guys...we're totally brainwashing kids!

80' Demons & Baby Sacrifices oookaaaayyyy...

Our Original Memes

Why do humans exist?

Floyd's Law


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