Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Link Dump 6/22/12

I laughed. 
So You Want To Misrepresent Atheism?  My two favorite lines from this are: “passive atheism didn’t get 'boring.' It became a liability" and "People that think Jesus was all rainbows and kittens are deluded."

Coming Out Is Hard To Do (Especially If You Now Champion Evil) “If she is now Catholic, then she kisses the ring and trades her freedom for hierarchy, homophobia, genocide, protected pederasty, and misogyny.  They do not actually bend on this.  Canon Law is Canon Law...Her reservation about the church's stance on homosexuality is cute, liberal pap.”

Atheist blogger Leah Libresco converts to Christianity  Ooh, national news! It must have been important!

An Incredibly Poor Defense of Faith Maybe someday I will find something written by a Christian apologist that doesn’t make me roll my eyes. Someday...

Davey And Goliath Video And Memes I love these. I used to watch Davey and Goliath all the time. I can still hear the stupid dog’s voice in my head. “Hello Daaavee.”

Stream Gojira's new album - L'Enfant Sauvage

"The Unity of Life is an Empirical Fact."

An old friend and classmate of mine is running in the NYC Triathlon for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. I asked her to kick cancer in the crotch for me. Please consider donating/sponsoring.

This Is Atheist Charity Same charity as above, but a different event.

How Lies Spread My in-laws are nice enough to not watch Fox News when I’m around, but they say things that give it away. Last weekend I heard all about the drone surveillance of American farmers. I was skeptical, but also eating their food.

Scapegoating Ever wonder where the Christian concept of sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins came from?

When animals light up: Bioluminescence

HENRY ROLLINS: Who's the crazier man? Zen Pencils with another great one.

As America grows more polarized, conservatives increasingly reject science and rational thought

"Faith: Pretending To Know Things You Don't Know" by Dr. Peter Boghossian

Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator Honestly, who could tell the difference?

Scientology and Dead Space: how the horror series may carry a hidden message of religious skepticism “‘From their perspective, it makes sense. Some of them, when they see how it all goes down, they have a crisis of confidence.’ In fact, Dead Space 3 will explore what happens when followers of Unitology see what the prophecies really mean, and have to decide whether to abandon their religion or trust in their faith and the teachings of the church.”

Does a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed? Nah.

All 786 Known Planets to Scale

The Letter - Jehovah's Witness Mother Ends Relationship with Atheist Son This just made me sad. I actually wrote some commentary for it and then decided against it using it. I figure I should just let this speak for itself.

Drug Enforcement Agent Won’t Admit That Crack Is Worse Than Marijuana Amazing. Stupid, but really amazing if you think about it.

Humanity escapes the solar system: Voyager 1 signals that it has reached the edge of interstellar space It has taken my entire lifetime for Voyager 1 to accomplish this. While this is an fantastic achievement, we need to do better.

Is the New Testament Reliable? Spoiler Alert! → No.

Paul Verhoeven Finds Backing And A Writer For Controversial Jesus Christ Movie

My Secret Atheist Blog: No Longer A Slumdog Book Review - Part 1 - The 4/14 Window This is really interesting. I never heard of this before.

Vatican accuses media of "imitating Dan Brown"

VatiLeaks Puts the Pope in Publicity Hell

Exhausted in the Vatican Anachronistic and dying. *clasps fingers together and mutters* “Excellent."

Ancient Turtles Died Copulating  ▲ eh?

Joe The Plumber & the Bible vs. Science Such a moron.

Finally, A Map Of All The Microbes On Your Body “The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, but only maybe one in 10 of those cells is actually — human. The rest are from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.” Cool.

UGANDA: Police Raid LGBT Meeting

Almost 120,000 Christians pledge to vote for Jesus Christ as president this November This is almost certainly a massive overstatement, but it’s nice to think that some people are so stupid as to remove themselves from the voter block.

David Barton * shakes fist*: 'Many of the Clauses we Find in the Constitution are Literal, Direct Quotations out of the Bible' Right Wing Watch challenges “anyone to find these "literal, direct quotations out of the Bible" printed anywhere in the US Constitution.”

Report calls on government to back open access to science  

A Size Comparison Chart of 20 Real-Life Spaceships With the Starship Enterprise

Fight Church I can’t even explain why I find this so funny. I just do.

George Takei Fires His Phaser at Facebook

Mark Ruffalo and Tom Morello launch Robin Hood tax plan to outlaw Wall Street excess This...this is actually a good idea!

My favorite Metallica song of all time covered by two Mexican acoustic guitarists. although there is no Cliff Burton bass this is amazing.