Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aurora Theater Shooting Victims Charities

image via The Denver Post

I received an email from Foundation Beyond Belief suggesting The Denver Center for Crime Victims and the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance as two of the various charities you can contribute to for the Aurora Theater Shooting. I also started looking for other charities aside from those two. If you know of more please add them in the comments. Thank you. 

You can donate directly through those organizations or via; which also includes choices to donate to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, Red Cross, The Denver Center for Crime Victims, Bonfils Blood Center, and Metro Crisis Services.

Additionally, there are several other charities to donate to victims for medical or funeral services. A general fund for the victims.

Veronica Sullivan: Veronica was only six years old. She was the youngest victim. Proceeds will help pay for her funeral expenses.

Rebecca Wingo: Contribute to a fund for the daughters of Rebecca Wingo who was killed.

Caleb Medley: Caleb was shot in the eye and is now in a medically induced coma. His wife, who was also present at the theater, gave birth to their first child on Tuesday.

Matt McQuinn: Matt was killed in the shooting. Help Matt’s family pay for the funeral expenses.

Jonathan Blunk: Jonathan was killed in the shooting. Donations will pay for funeral expenses, and any remaining funds will be put toward supporting his children.

Jarell Brooks: Jarell was wounded in the attack. Funds will cover medical bills and loss of work.

Micayla Medek: Micayla was killed in the shooting. Funds will go towards a memorial fund.

Petra Anderson: Petra was shot several times, including once in the head. She is recovering. All funds will go to medical bills. Any remaining funds will go to Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance.

Farrah Soudani: Farrah is currently in ICU. Donation will go towards medical bills.

Mike White: Mike was shot and is recovering at home. Donations will help pay his medical bills.

Carli & Chris:Carli was shot several times at the Batman premiere in Denver, Colorado. Carli and her boyfriend, Chris, need our help paying for medical bills and counseling.