Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Left Hemispheres Podcast: Interview Ep 01-Taylor Muse of Quiet Company

This week we have our first Interview Episode!

The 4 our us (Steve, Adam, Nick, and Jack) will be back next week with another discussion episode but this week Nick got the oportunity to interview Taylor Muse of Quiet Company.
For more info on the the band and their upcoming tour visit

Check out this episode!



Troythulu said...

Excellent interview, guys.

As for guilty pleasures, my own would be conceiving an alternate world where there sits on the bestseller shelves, "The Collected Love Poems of H.P. Lovecraft"


I also have hideous taste in music, 'nuff said on that...

Unknown said...

Thanks, Troy! An eldritch, green-lit world of non-Euclidean lines that world would be, I'm sure!