Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Left Hemispheres Podcast Ep 13: Don't fly too close to the water

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Thursday February 7 2013

  1. LH Podcast News
    1. Swear Jar Tally
    2. LiP reminder
    3. Tough Mudder (Left Hemispheres donation page)
  2. Wounded Warrior Project gets flack from Christians, changes policy
    1. is the wounded warrior project anti-christian?
    2. new policy reads “WWP fundraisers cannot be sexual or political in nature and cannot be partnered with alcohol brands." removing both religious and gun-related events from the list of exclusions
  1. Church of Scientology superbowl ad
    1. THE APOSTATE: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology
  2. The Republican party has become the party of dungeons and dragons for rich white kids.
  1. The “Tone” Argument
    1. Chris Stedman Asks For Civility in Theist-Atheist Debate
      1. Value in inter-”faith” work?
      2. Toxic atheism drives people apart
    2. Tactics: being honest about human reactions to cognitive dissonance, what would be the most effective way to do what we do?
      1. What the hell do we do?
        1. Two, count ‘em TWO Phelps-es leave the WBC
      2. What is the goal?
        1. An end to religion? An end to fundamentalism? An increase in rationalism?
        2. Ted: William McDonough on cradle to cradle design
  2. Kashmir’s first all-girl rock band breaks up after one concert because of fatwa
  3. Rick Perry says boys scouts shouldn’t cave to ‘almost cruel intolerance’ of the left
  4. UK Legalizes same sex marriage
  5. Can women teach in church?
  6. Jim Morrison’s Tarts

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Troythulu said...

Good show, guys.

As comical as people like Rick Perry are (and I offer them only a derisive tentacle flick) they always seem to need the left as the ultimate boogieman; it's the favorite catch-all explanation for what they think is wrong with the world - "the Evil Leftists™ did it." - and they use it for darn near anything.

If it happened, and they don't like it, it's all due to a leftist conspiracy.

Even the Earth going around the sun is due to those vile leftist Copernicans infecting astronomy, or somesuch (I'd laugh, but there's a small faction of conservative Catholics who entertain those very ideas, except that they reserve most of their dislike for Galileo).

I don't think that the current batch of conservatives can do anything, even keep their rank and file in line without fear, even if what they fear doesn't actually exist. But we all know that it doesn't need to be real to be feared.

It's unfortunate that an entire political movement needs to base it's advocacy and policy decisions on straw men and delusional fear of the same.

Steve said...

Thanks Troy!

All that fear-mongering and division you just outlined is a result of dualistic, black and white thinking. It enables an us vs. them mentality and simplifies everything to good (us) vs. evil (them). Sadly, this is not limited to to right-wing/theistic circles. It is everywhere.