Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning Stupid Quotes - Pat Toomey


Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate:

"My view is: I think the data is pretty clear. There has been an increase in the surface temperature of the planet over the course of the last 100 years or so. I think it’s clear that that has happened. The extent to which that has been caused by human activity I think is not as clear. I think that is still very much disputed and has been debated". - WITF radio 10/8/10.

"I think if you look at his quotes and how he has responded to questions about this, President Obama is at best very skeptical about the idea about American exceptionalism." WHYY

"My idea of gun control is a steady aim," Toomey said, according to the York Dispatch.

Matthews: Are you on the political right?
Toomey: I'm in the center right.
Matthews: Center, well let's ask you about a couple of issues. What do you think about outlawing abortion? Arlen Specter is pro choice, where are you on that one?
Toomey: I'm pro life.
Matthews: Would you like to outlaw abortion?
Toomey: Yea, I'm pro life. I think ahhh...
Matthews: Would you outlaw abortion, would you put people in jail for performing...?
Toomey: I think that Roe v Wade was wrongly defined, wrongly decided and I think states should be free to restrict abortion and I would support legislation in Pennsylvania that would ban abortion and I would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them if we were able to pass that law.
Matthews: Would you put people in jail for perfoming abortions?
Toomey: At some point doctor's performing abortions, I think would be subject to that sort of penalty.

          via CrooksandLiars

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