Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Link Dump ~ 3/16/12

This was a good week for essays. Funny how we spend hours writing and get a landslide of hits with a Douglas Adams post that took two minutes to embed.
So it goes.
The Origin of God by Douglas Adams

Take a Liberal Christian to a Tea Party Rally! Steve is addicted to dissecting HuffPo articles. I’ve considered an intervention, but all the 12 step programs end with surrender to a “higher power.”

The Resolute Party My little conservative republican rant..

Claims of Atheist 'Hate Speech' = No Counterargument

Where Did All The Theists Go? Where are the faithful going? Is God dead yet? Well no. Not exactly. It's just that Americans bore easily.”

Random Quote -Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) Has No Business Being a Senator

Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming (Episode...

Proposed PA Resolution 609: National Day of Prayer... Fucking Pennsylvania.

Random Quotes: Why We Need The Reason Rally Steve and I will be at the Reason Rally! We’ll be the guys in ironic t-shirts. You can’t miss us. Seriously, let us know in the comments if you are attending. We will probably be narrating our adventures through some type of social network @lefthemispheres @uzh77 @ophan13

Atheist Ethicist: The Reason Rally and the Crybaby Atheists

New Atheism's Critics Need to Suck it Up De Botton and some of his friends then got together at a Greek restaurant in London, whined about how put upon they were, and decided the less than enthusiastic reception of their ideas was indicative of a great sickness in society.”

The New Atheist Cult Seriously? Don’t we need to make at least one outrageous claim to qualify as a cult?

Utah Legislature passes bill to let schools drop sex education Fucking Utah.

Bill Donohue Gets Tough on Rape Victims “SNAP [Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests] is not involved in the Missouri litigation, but the priests’ lawyers are seeking ‘more than two decades of e-mails that could include correspondence with victims, lawyers, whistle-blowers, witnesses, the police, prosecutors and journalists.’ Donohue thinks this effort, which seeks to bankrupt and embarrass the organization, is justified because “’SNAP is a menace to the Catholic Church.[emphasis added]”’ 
~~Actually, isn’t SNAP a menace to pedophiles in positions of power who are abusing children? The kids are Catholic too Bill.

Steve says: If I believed in a higher power I would pray that this asshole got hit by a bus. What a disgrace. 
/applies for bus drivers license.

No, Getting A Circumcision Will Not Lower Your Chances of Prostate Cancer 

Catholic School Board Handles Concerns of Homophobia by Calling it ‘Objectively Disordered’

Anonymous claims Vatican website shutdown

Contra de Botton: Religions Are NOT To Credit With Universalistic Humanistic Values “The phrase “the universal brotherhood of mankind” is just a 19th Century liberal Protestant kind of religiosity and not necessarily anything more universal to religions or anything especially expressive of what is distinctively religious in character. The concept is flagrantly an attempt to reinterpret religious symbols in terms of secular values of egalitarianism which had become widespread and were transforming Europe and North America by the end of the 18th Century. The idea that we secularists need to learn this concept from religion is perverse and insulting even.”

Doonesbury tackles 10 inch "shaming wand" Cultural criticism (and courage) comes in every style of media. 

10 weapons animals use Chainsaw Bear anyone?

Science & Nonbelief are Arrogant — Really? Outstanding post from Troyuthu. I am consistently astounded that so many people believe that the only way their existence has any purpose at all is if they were hand-formed from clay by the Creator of the Universe. They call this sentiment “humility.”

Pastor Opens OK House Session with Deranged Rand Blaming Katrina on Gays Fucking Oaklahoma.

America, the Beautiful (And Nutty): A Skeptic’s Lament “Almost one-third of Americans believe the ancient Mayan prediction of global calamity this December is “somewhat true,” according to a recent National Geographic poll.” -James Randi

Louisiana fights back against creationist legislators

Scientists may have just discovered a brand new species of human [Evolution] They call it the “moderate republican.” Very rare.

What If a Terrorist Had Murdered Women and Children in the United States? Disapproving Atrocities Is it safe to say that the news cycle would still be talking about it? 

Christian Rock Band Preaches Hate Of LGBT Community During School Assembly, Tells Girls To Be Submissive To Husbands “They told my daughter, the girls, that they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins. I couldn’t even understand her, she was crying so hard. They told these kids that anyone who was gay was going to die at the age of 42. It just blows me away that no one stopped this.”

The Fall of Foolish Faith Stenger strikes again!

Remedial First Amendment For Conservatives (And Bill Maher)

The QWERTY Effect: How Typing May Shape the Meaning of Words If words influence thoughts, and QWERTY influences words, than am I being influenced by QWERTY right now?

Unfertile parents are arrogant against God

Debunking Christianity: Faith is Irrational

My Take: Does Netanyahu's Bible gift to Obama mean war?

600+ Atheism vs. Theism Debates A RIDICULOUS cashe of debates. Save this to your favorites.

I really need a pair of Atheist Shoes <-- Click this link to offer your support!!


Steve said...

Fucking Pennsylvaina indeed.

Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania Governor, On Ultrasound Mandate: Just 'Close Your Eyes'

Unknown said...

Tell me about it. I spend hours writing, trying to passionately rally the secular troops and my two most popular posts are "babies drinking beer" and "father daughter sex." Go figure.


ps Dammmm, y'all do a lot of reading.

Adam said...

Thanks for sharing the pain Kriss. Awesome buddy.

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