Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nigeria: Suspected Witches Beaten and Burned Alive

WARNING: The following video is extremely disturbing. 

When we saw this clip we knew it had to be posted. This is not harmless superstition. This is an example of the truly terrifying face of religion when all reason has been replaced by faith. This is happening in the 21st century.

I cannot comment on the specifics of this video. I don't know the particular faith of the mob. Based on the area, it is probably a form of Tribalism, Pentecostalism or both. Either evoke the belief in witchcraft as the source of any number of misfortunes. What I can deduce is that this is motivated by the belief in a supernatural world. That human cruelty of this caliber comes from a place of fear and ignorance.
I can also tell you that events like this are a regular occurrence in many parts of Nigeria and that the branded "witches" are usually children.

Video after the jump.