Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Link Dump 3/25/11

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

The commentary is sparse this week, but I tried to make up for it with a lot of links.

Religion to become extinct, says model of census data - Canada is on the list of nine nations on the brink so if I need to "bail" it really isn't that far away.

Pope To Ease Up On Jesus Talk - That was simply outstanding.

Nigeria: Suspected Witches Beaten and Burned Alive - Just awful. This is what the ignorance of religion leads to. This is what Creationism could lead to.    

Christians Blocking Democratic Referenda on Sunday Alcohol Sales

Bill Maher: GOP governs like “a meth addict”

Psalm 109 Imprecatory Prayer Case to Go Forward in Texas - Good thing prayer doesn’t work.

Veena Malik has my respect

Thorny Issue

Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe

Creationism Controversy: State by State [Updated Map]

Was God's wife edited out of the Bible? - I would think it was weird if “she” wasn’t. Most gods have a counterpart of the opposite sex. It wasn’t until “El’ became the supreme deity and monotheism took over that the other gods were pushed out and forbidden. In the case of Asherah; a female equal to the true god is impossible in such a misogynist society.

Tea Party At Its Dregs? Major Convention Attracts Few

Janna Levin: The sound the universe makes

How to Create a Scientifically Plausible Alien Life Form

Huckabee: Leaders With ‘Biblical Worldview’ Would Bring ‘Equality’ To The World - Sure they could. After some more Inquisitions and a genocide or three gets rid of all your heretics.

On Faith: Rob Bell and hell - My version: The Catch-22 of Hell

DARK WAVE / RISING SUN - Cool art and charity for Japan.

What's on Venus?

Mid-Week Rant: Bill Hicks

Bonus Rant: Lewis Black Explains Religion

CNN Foreign Corespondent Calls Out Fox News: ‘Outrageous’ ‘Lies And Deceit - This just can’t be true.  My worldview is shattered.  Shattered.  

How a Dinosaur Is Like a Vacuum Cleaner

Music is All in the Mind

Rock Beyond Belief news

Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth 'Crying In Rage'

Prehistoric Garbage Piles May Have Created 'Tree Islands'

Life could exist around dying stars

How Free Is Your Will?