Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Non-Believers Giving Aid (UPDATED)

When donating to charity we encourage non-believers to donate to secular organizations whenever possible.

Please check out the following sites.
Non-Believers Giving Aid and SHARE - 100% of donations from either of these organization goes to Doctors Without Borders.
Presently, money donated to DWB is not directly marked for relief efforts in Japan. In order to donate 100% of funds to Japanese relief please visit the following.
Foundation Beyond Belief is donating 100% of all funds raised to the Japanese Red Cross.
The International Red Cross and its regional affiliates are secular organizations that work around the globe. To make a $10 donation via your cell phone bill you can also text REDCROSS to the following numbers:
90999 (USA)
30333 (Canada)
We will add more #'s as we find them. Please add numbers for other countries in the comments if you know of any.
Oxfam Japan - Oxfam Japan will be working with two partners in Japan on providing support to those on the margins of society who might otherwise have difficulty accessing emergency relief. One group is assisting mothers and babies and the other is providing information to non-Japanese speakers living in Japan.