Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Link Dump - 4/22/11

An (Atheist) Easter Message From Ricky Gervais

The Pope says: “Technology can’t replace God” I agree. Technology can actually heal the sick, feed the poor and move mountains. Someday technology may even be able to regrow lost limbs. God never does that.

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit

Richard Dawkins : Global Athiest Convention 2010

Death Anxiety Prompts People to Believe in Intelligent Design This is a perfect example of Terror Management Theory

What does a self-respecting metalhead wear to Easter dinner?

Old Stuff Here’s a little something for the new readers. A random sample of our old posts from the birth of Left Hemispheres.

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Mark Twain

I don’t know why this guy is yelling at Sarah Palin, but I understand.

Anonymous - Race for Human Redemption

The kids will be Sondheimized Either the Illinois Family Institute has no sense of humor, or they really believe that the gays are out to rape their children.

Mr. Deity and the Afterparty

A Church with a Sense of Humor Really! If only they could all take a page from this book.

Conservative Christians Mark Holy Week With an Attack on Our Rights

Fischer: “I Would Never Participate in an Interfaith Dialog With a Muslim Hmm, I bet Jesus would have.

Missionaries of Hate This is abysmal, but you need to watch it anyway.

Neanderthals Might Have Believed in the Spiritual World Before Homo Sapiens

Church Blames Girl for Being Raped

What Will Happen if Gay Marriage is Legalized?

Does God Hate Less Than Jake? *Sigh* Yet another example of Westboro Baptist Church dumbfuckery. They were probably in Pensacola protesting the sun for being in the center of the solar system when they found a flyer for the Warped Tour. If God were really this arbitrary, there would be even more flaws in His Design.

Massive Star Observed Ripping Through Interstellar Cloud at 24 km per Sec

Report: In 12 Years, Income for Richest 400 Americans Quadruples, Tax Rate Nearly Halved

The Triceratops Panic A great article about the way scientific “facts” change when new evidence is discovered to challenge previously held beliefs. Of course people are freaking out.

New PBS Doc: An Atheist Mom Goes to the Supreme Court - and Wins
The Likely Atheists

Ricky Gervais on the Daily Show

Physicists create a quantum mirror image This is insane.

Think for Yourself

What Will The Universe Look Like in One Trillion Years?

Mysterious Pioneer Anomaly May Be Solved Why does science have to solve all the cool mysteries? Who does Science think he is anyway?

Solar Activity Heats Up: Sunspots Finally Return

Scientists Make Teleportation Breakthrough This is as awesome as it sounds. It also talks about one of my favorite thought experiments: Schrodinger’s Cat

When I Almost Died and I Didn’t Find God

Atheists Do Have a Well Grounded Morality I know! I was shocked too.

Sam Harris: Should We Be Mormons in The Matrix?