Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Link Dump 4/8/11

Atheism, New Atheism, & Antitheism

Bill Maher on Gay Marriage

Newt Gingrich warns U.S. at risk of Atheism and Radical Islam Ah, the dangers of a secular civilization. A spokesman added that he meant to warn against an Atheist Country "or" one ruled by Radical Islam. In the US, 6% report to be irreligious (including atheists). Various sources estimate no more than 2.3% are Muslim (including radical Islam). The threat of a country run by Creationists is much greater. Oh, wait...

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Victor Stenger

Dr Wendy Walsh attempts to defend her ludicrous CNN statement: “Most studies on survivors show that the atheists die first” by blatantly misrepresenting actual studies. She gets dismantled by The Science Bit –Well done, Sir.

Science in Dire Straights: The Indoctrination of Strawman Theists continue to wage war on scientific thinking and evidence-based logic. I'd like to see how they could continue to claim that America is God's chosen country when we loose our technological edge.

Brain implant passes 1,000-day mark. “…after 1,000 days a woman who has no functional use of her limbs and is unable to speak can reliably control a cursor on a computer screen using only the intended movement of her hand—is an important step for the field,” This remarkable feat of science would be impossible if the people involved did not understand the human brain as the product of evolution.

Bonus Rant ~ Jamie Kilstein

10 of the Biggest Corporate Tax Cheats in America Sadly, this list does not include any Tax Exempt Corporations.

Supreme Court Pulls Another Brick from the Church/State Wall

If you’re reading this page, you have probably been influenced by Christopher Hitchens

Religion Does Its Worst

Dan Dennett ~ A Rebuttal to Rick Warren

Physicist May Have Found a New Particle This could change the world, or not.

Holy Crimes This Week If you don’t already check in weekly with Joe. My. God. – you should.

Liberty University Received Half a Billion Dollars in Federal Aid This is more than NPR, who actually teaches people things.

Plans for the World’s Most Powerful Rocket Unveiled : NPR See?

What Does it Take to Blame Religion? To this list I would add the abuse of African children accused of witchcraft and female circumcision…But then again we could go on for days with this topic.

Huckabee on the Daily Show

Faith Healing Couple to be Released from Prison If these people claimed any other reason for their crimes, they would never see the light of day.

Decorah Eagles Steaming Video Feed. I can't explain what is so cool about this. Just watch it.

Why is Glenn Beck Leaving Fox?