Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 6/24/11

Michele Bachmann’s Holy War It’s easy to laugh at her presidential aspirations.  I laugh too; then I consider that Mrs. Bachmann would not be satisfied with controlling the most powerful nation in the world and establishing an old testament theocracy.  She is bent on world domination.  More on that topic to come...

My Beef - Shouting at Christians  

Mid-Week Rant: Atheist

William Lane Craig and Logical Fallacies Massimo Pigliucci pops the inflated head of WLC by exposing his intellectual dishonesty.

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Ayn Rand You don’t need to agree with her politics.  Just go read “Anthem”.  You can finish it in a day and you’ll be a better person for it.

No Law Means No Law “It’s important to note that the 7th Circuit did not rule that the National Day of Prayer is constitutional. They would not even consider the meritorious claims of our case. They ruled only that FFRF did not have the right to challenge the National Day of Prayer law at all.”

Wake up and Smell the...Woahhh!  The Science Bit calling Fox News on bad reporting about the hallucinogenic properties of coffee.  This is blasphemy against the caffeine god to whom I pray daily.

Sunday Morning Crazy - Rod Parsley

Klu Klux Klan Protests Westboro Baptist Church This really happened.  I’m a little surprised that a new anti-matter life form didn’t spontaneously spring into existence.  

‘The Really Simple Guide to Humanism’ - New Resource Launch

Sunday Morning Hate: Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Radical X-Ray Art Radical indeed.

Myth Bustin’ Bad Arguments About Atheists By P.Z.  Myers

LRO Showing Us the Moon as Never Before

Michael Shermer: The Believing Brain

Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution Far as I can tell, this was written by a theist who thinks like an atheist.  **Taps fingers on forehead**

Your Truths,  Our Facts

Helping Out a Foxhole Atheist

Polluting The Pulpit?: Virginia Attorney General Urges (Right-Wing) Churches To Be Political How else can the right convince people that Obama drinks the tears of Christian children?

After Accepting $290,000 from Tobacco Industry, House Conservatives Push ‘Cigarettes For Children’ Amendment

Two Gay Men Forced to Leave a Government Recreational Facility in Hazard, KY

Atheism: Not Just for White People

This is just heartbreaking: This is the result of the systematic abuse of power by the self-proclaimed "moral authority."