Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Hate ~ "The Jewish Political Action Committee

"The Jewish Political Action Committee is now organizing an awareness program to stop Gay molesters from attacking children and teens. Since the gay marriage bill in New York was introduced, there has been a surge of gay attacks against youngsters in New York." 

The JPAC is attempting to display these signs at men’s Mikvas in NYC.
The JPAC has of course nothing beyond their word to back up their claim of a “surge of attacks” against children since the bill was passed. This is a statement by individuals who cannot view homosexuality as anything other than an immoral behavior. From this position, they can infer that child molestation must have increased if other acts of immorality are being viewed as acceptable by the public.  Let’s not forget that the vast majority of child molesters identify themselves as heterosexual.

Thanks to Failed Messiah



Anonymous said...

Go to JPAC.BLOGSPOT.COM for more.

Anonymous said...

sorry its JPACNYC.BLOGSPOT.COM for more.

Anonymous said...

You make me ashamed to be a Jew with your anti- gay rhetoric. G-d will punish you! You are the sick ones. Have you forgotten the holocaust? Murdering millions for being different? You bastards.

Steve said...

Why is it that the Anonymous commenters always miss the point?

Buddy, this is an atheist blog that points out the various hypocrisies, fallacies, and all around absurdities that are borne of religion. We are decidedly not anti-gay. Look around and know WHAT you are criticizing before you open your mouth.