Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Link Dump 1/27/12

The Irrelevance of Choosing to Be Gay Steve = piss and vinegar

Faith in Doubt  Adam = philosophical and eloquent

It’s official! Internet overuse causes brain damage! Oh wait…no, it doesn’t…

Think I really thought this was well done.

God, Rid Me of God It saddens me that this needs to be written & that people still cling to that which injures them.

Look forward to the death of organized religion: Richard Dawkins

Frothy Mixture: Colleges Diminish Faith He really is the embodiment of all that I despise.

The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealth Assault on America's Children, by Katherine Stewart If you frequent this site I probably sound like a broken record, but Dominionism is kind of a real thing.

BatChristian I love how pissed Adam got after I posted this. He commented twice,...two days apart.

America's science decline Neil deGrasse Tyson and maps! You know you want to click it.

Romney Elaborates on Evolution This has been making the rounds over the Interwebs.’s better than the rest of the GOP field, but there is one problem here: It’s from 2007. No way he still says this.

New Clue to the Origins of Carbohydrates --The building blocks of DNA and RNA

Noah's Ark (Parts 1 & 2) One of NonStampCollector’s best AND I first saw this via Sam Harris’ Facebook page! Pretty cool.

New evidence suggests Archaeopteryx dressed in black Glenn Danzig immediately clones 7 of them to circle over him wherever he goes.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Outlaw Use Of Human Fetuses In Production Of Food But they’re sooo tasty!

No seriously, this is total bullshit and this legislator is a moron wasting everyone’s time and money.

Independent researchers find no evidence for arsenic life in Mono Lake Science is so dogmatic!

Atheist or Religious, We All Need Good Science Paul Wallace generally makes me cringe, but I can’t really take him to task on his stance here even though it presents a false equivalency between science and religion.

The [in]compatibility of science and religion But Victor Stenger will!

Sex Act Morality Flow Chart Please consult. It could save your soul!

Moralizing’s High Cost

NASA's Kepler Announces 11 New Planetary Systems MOAR!

The Holy Grail of Planetary Astronomy: The Search for Earth's Twin “At night when you look at the stars and you look at the constellations and you wonder ‘Is anyone out there?” just realize that somebody out there could be looking back at us and wondering “Gee, is there any life on this solar system that we call our home?’” - Dr. Michio Kaku

6 Myths Everyone Believes about Space (Thanks to Movies)

Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief, with Jonathan Miller It’s three one-hour clips so not for those with ADHD.


krissthesexyatheist said...

(I do believe that) The person in RD's God, rid a LGBT believer, right. It always perplexed (I dunno if that is the correct word to use.any who...) when the LGBT'ers believe in "him." I wouldn't wanna belong to a club that didn't want me.

Secondly, that Landau picture is the best...and true.

Awesome Stevo,


Steve said...

Hey Kriss,

Yeah, the RD post really just saddened me and it is perplexing. All I can think is that, regardless of sexual orientation, or whatever, many raised in the church just think of belief as normal. It just "is." Just because one is called a "sinner" or "deviant" doesn't automatically make one a non-believer. The thought process, positive or negative, is still always influenced by theism.

Religious conditioning is fucked up.