Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magic Mormon Underwear

OBSERVATION: If you are afraid that the next president could be wearing magic underwear, I concur.
But please don't forget that our last president thought the Iraq war was a call to arms from God to fight the forces of Gog and Magog in the Middle East.  Just saying.



Steve said...

There are two likely reactions from non-Mormon theists when viewing this video. They are: 1) mocking laughter, and 2) disapproval. The first reaction illustrates a lack of self-awareness. The second one shows they are self-aware, but possibly not sincere in their disapproval.

Laughing at these beliefs, which is justified because they are ridiculous (to not call them ridiculous is well...ridiculous), is indicative of a religious mind that does not pay attention or reflect on the beliefs and quirks of their own religion. I can’t think of a religion that doesn’t have something in it that is obviously crazy and made up. Some believers admit this. Others do not. However to laugh at another belief shows that one believes their religion is immune from such asinine beliefs and the impending mockery. Their religion is the “one true religion.”

Conversely, those believers that snicker and disapprove of such a mocking video are themselves aware of the ridiculousness of that religion, but are simultaneously aware that their own religion, and probably all religion, is ridiculous and easily mocked.THE ONLY reason they disapprove of such mockery is that they do not want their own beliefs looked at with derision and subsequently mocked for its predictable silliness. This is worse. This shows that they are completely aware of the insanity that is inherent in religious belief and they not only are afraid to talk about it, but they will actively shield almost any belief from scrutiny. This is how physically and emotionally damaging religious rituals and beliefs are propagated in our society. By allowing patently ridiculous bullshit to be acceptable.

Let me make something very clear. I am not talking about a government takeover to squash religion and personal beliefs. I am talking about the cultural cowardice of Western society to call people out for obviously infantile and dangerous beliefs perpetuate. Person to person. Group to group. In our culture, someone speaking up as a voice of reason is demonized, by the majority of the community (since the majority of religious) in some misguided notion of multiculturalism. This is not about accepting people who speak different languages, have different holidays, or even about their beliefs in the supernatural. However, our society protects the concept of belief even when it results in foul and heinous acts like female AND male circumcision. Honor rapes and killings. We are protecting people who think the Earth is 6,000 years old.These are insane and damaging beliefs with real world consequences. whenever someone says this or that cannot be ridiculed or challenged they are pathetically protecting the insane beliefs of another person for the selfish reason to protect their own insane beliefs.