Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Link Dump 2/3/12

Male spider snaps off own genitals inside female to fertilise her remotely, while being eaten Gooood morning everyone!

Justified Antitheism “The religious believer's moral outrage/righteous indignation at criticism of (a) religion hinges on whether the criticism is justified or not.”

More rubbish about "shrill" atheists - this time in The Daily Mail Further down the rabbit hole in a passive-aggressive attempt to silence atheists.

“It’s Part of their Culture” - Reading Nick Cohen in the light of the Jaipur affair by Richard Dawkins “Our whole society is soft on religion. The assumption is remarkably widespread that religious sensitivities are somehow especially deserving of consideration”

Letters of Note may be my new favorite blog. They publish old letters and correspondence.  “On the Meaning of Life” by H.L. Mencken is good. “To My Old Master” by Jourdon Anderson, a freed slave is amazing! It will be the best thing you read here.

Hell As The Absence of God This is an outstanding piece from Camels With Hammers.

Paul Fidalgo, a friend of LH, who blogs at Near Earth Object has released his book on Amazon entitled:  "Under the Stained Glass Ceiling: Atheists' Precarious Place in Modern American Politics". It is only $0.99 people. Check the Near Earth Object link to see his description of it.

An Inoffensive Atheist Ad Could Appear on Pennsylvania Buses Good. We need this here. Why? => Pennsylvania Resolution No. 535 "Year of the Bible" Damn it.

5 Signs the Christian Right Still Wields Too Much Power in America “I have lost count of how many times the Religious Right has been declared dead as a political force by someone in the mainstream media.”

Tell the Susan G. Komen Foundation you support Planned Parenthood! I Stand with Planned Parenthood! ...and some say the Christian Right is waning...

Please consider donating to Planned Parenthood

Random Quotes of Abject Stupidity: Atheists "should cut down every tree!"  Pat Robertson...ugh...

Newt Gingrich’s attack on atheism is an extreme math fail He really is the embodiment of all that I despise.

Sean Faircloth "Why Romney's Religion Matters"

African Americans for Humanism Reboots with a Huge Ad Campaign

FOXNews investigates the atheist festival, gets it twisted Faux News misrepresents Rock Beyond Belief. My stars! I thought they were fair & balanced.  

Atheist clergymen and belief in belief

How the Placebo Effect Proves That God Exists Or "How fuzzy definitions make god irrelevant." There. Now I don't have waste an entire post refuting HuffPo garbage.

ACTA 2.0 is like a backdoor way to enact SOPA

There Is No ‘War on Religion’ none.

When to Stone Your Children via The Brick Testament

In God We Trust This is long (2 hours), but it is a really good documentary. It isn’t as shocking as “Jesus Camp”, but it might be more relevant to the larger issue of Christian-Facist Nationalism.

Transgender People are Completely Banned From Boarding Airplanes in Canada What in the what?!

Does the planet Fomalhaut b exist? This was, after all the first direct detection of a planet orbiting a Sun-like star! Except, maybe not so much.”

30 Renowned Writers Speaking About God

IBEX: Glimpses of the Interstellar Material Beyond our Solar System

While temperatures rise, denialists reach lower

Low-velocity spatter from the Neandertal palette