Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Link Dump 4/19/13

Yeah it's been all over the Internet,
but it really just sums up the week. 
Boston Marathon
Of course everyone at LH is saddened by the senseless violence, the suffering it has caused and the ramifications that are yet to come. I do not want to provide a series of news links to articles about the attack that everyone has already read ad nauseum. I just want to provide one:

Atheists Giving Aid - Boston Marathon Tragedy

If you haven’t already donated, please consider doing so. There is no minimum (or maximum!) so please try to help the victims and their families out.  

Also, please consider also donating to the victims of the West Texas Explosion. It’s been a real shitty week, folks.

Ok. Onward.






This provided me a much needed laugh on Tuesday AM. Tony Gwynn  Jr. of the L.A. Dodgers expertly mocks a heckler.

Tony Gwynn Jr. Owns Heckler - Watch More Funny Videos