Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Link Dump ~ 6/1/12

Nothing Gets A Pass Like Religion We know that we have been light on the essays lately but fear not, dear reader.  Enlightening criticisms and witticisms are on the way.

Guest Post: Slandering the Heretics by Colby Hess

Rick Warren is Clueless About Religious Freedom

Free Will or Free Won't? by ZeFrank If you don’t absolutely love Ze Frank then we can’t be friends.

'Why Evolution is True & Why Many People Still Don't Believe It' by Jerry Coyne

Quiet Company Makes Some Loud Statements

Henry Rollins Ranting Like A Boss Just watch.  By the 55 second mark you’ll find your face moving closer to the screen.

"Unorthodox" priest still practising after sexually abusing woman Rapes a woman in her own home while performing a “baptism.”  Then he get’s his job back.  I wonder if he would have lost his job if he were caught having (consensual) gay sex?

Causality, Determinism, and Free Will – By Andrew Skegg  Marty’s friends continue to kick ass.  Take their names down.

Which Wine Goes Best With Human Face? Maynard James Keenan Has the Answer Thank you Steve for introducing me to Maynard and TOOL all those years ago.  My existence is all the more distorted because of it.  BTW, Pennsylvania has more than a few religiously fashioned laws about the shipping of alcohol over state lines.  If anyone can get us a bottle of red from Merkin Vineyards or Caduceus Cellars.  We’ll send you a Left Hemispheres t-shirt.  Steve and I have vowed to polish off a bottle together and some of our best blog posts emerge from said encounters.

Studies say atheists, believers both do good, but for different reasons

A Religion of Children “These irrational children, with their ridiculous theology, throw sometimes hilariously pathetic temper tantrums, screaming from the top of the sandbox at the other children not inside their skewed sense of ‘moral’ reality. They care little for what is in fact moral, and instead prefer to use the Bible as a guide to venerate their own bigotry, allegedly under the guise of doing God’s work, or, for the slightly more humble, following God’s Word.”

Is Atheism Increasing at the Expense of Theism?

Does Religious Liberty Equal Freedom to Discriminate? Well, if there is discrimination involved then, someone’s freedom is being trampled on.  It sounds like religious favoritism.  Also, “religious freedom” is an oxymoron.

Kansas pastor calls on U.S. government to kill LGBT people *sigh* can’t he just ask God to do it?  The US government is so busy these days.

Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history Umm, yeah.  Not in America.  No amount of evidence will convince some people to abandon a worldview that required no evidence to construct.
Pat Tillman Cross” comes down On its face, this situation initially looked like someone intentionally included Pat Tillman in a Christian-themed memorial.  The truth was more like a kind-hearted Christian woman’s gesture of honoring fallen soldiers overlooked the fact that many of those soldiers were not themselves Christians.  Justin Griffith of Rock beyond Belief led the charge, then had a mature, respectful dialogue with the creator of the memorial.  There’s a larger lesson here about perceived vs. actual dishonor/intolerance.  

How Atheist Author Sam Harris Unites the Christian Right, Radical Islamists and Secular Leftists

MIT Builds A Needle-Free Drug Injector I don’t have any problem with needles per se but HOLY SHIT what a game-changer for modern medicine.  This immediately has hundreds of applications.
This is so cool, and has such potential for improving the world that I expect someone powerful to have a problem with it for political, economic or religious reasons.  Am I that jaded?  Keep reading.

Lutheran And Anglican Churches To Align In "Holy Battle" Against LGBT Rights Let’s all join hands in shared hatred of others.

Birds may be paedomorphic dinosaurs Admit it.  You don’t know what paedomorphic means.

Anatomy of the Coelacanth OK, c’mon, everyone knows what a Coelaconth is!

Don’t make excuses for homophobia that you wouldn’t make for racism OH YEAH.  I needed this one.  Read the last paragraph twice.

Study Suggests Coffee Is Healthy, Coffee Drinkers Are Not I love the bean.  And if loving the bean is wrong, God damnit!  I don’t want to be right.

Incorporate My Uterus What happens when corporations are granted more rights and freedoms than women’s bodies??

The Era Of Commercialized Space Has Begun – SpaceX, Musk Triumphant Corporate funded space missions are now a reality.   I predict anti-gravity “space porn” any minute now.


Andrew Hall said...

I was at the dojo last night with my son and we were waiting for my daughter to be done with her lesson. I remembered the paedomorphic dinosaur post from Why Evolution is True and explained it to him. Got a few looks from the other parents.