Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Link Dump 7/27/12

Debunking Christianity: Chicks, Sluts, 'Hos and Niggas--A Response to Those That Mistakenly Believe These Words Empower Them As a black man (naturally, I speak for all African Americans) I must confess that I stopped using the word “nigga” in conversation because it made my white friends uncomfortable.

Why No Denomination Will Survive the Homosexuality Crisis This may be one of the most reasoned articles I have ever read from a Christian website.

American Family Association Calls For Boycott Of Google Over Company's Support Of LGBT Rights  Yeah, this video was posted on Youtube (owned by Google).  Irony, thy name is fundie.

“Members of the House Intelligence Committee are entrusted with classified information that affects the safety and security of all Americans. That information should not be in the hands of anyone with such a disregard for honesty, misunderstanding of national security, and lack of respect for her fellow public servants.”
This would be a good place for a Bachman intelligence joke but I think it's a mistake to say that she is not intelligent. Derangement + intelligence is precisely what makes her so dangerous.

Demythologizing Reason “Ill-considered, untrained and incautious reasoning is quite prone to lead to the most egregious of fallacies, and merely being educated and intelligent is not enough to prevent this.”
I feel like I was just talking about this.

Fuck Purity Balls...They're Creepy  So diabolically creepy...

The Id, The Ego And The Superhero: What Makes Batman Tick?  Duh. It's adolescent rage and awesomeness.  Everybody knows that.

Did Chick-fil-A Pretend to Be a Teenage Girl on Facebook? Poe's law notwithstanding, this is either a desperate attempt by a CFA PR person, a not so clever CFA sympathizer or a social media genius throwing a fresh veggie burger into the rabid Liberal feeding tank  Either way, bravo.

Atheist’s plan to whip the Quran won’t be allowed in the Capitol, official says Good.  Whipping
a Quran acomnplishes nothing but perpetuating the stigma of the myopic angry atheist.

This graph of whooping cough cases in Washington State should scare the crap out of you

Skydiver Fearless Felix jumps from 18 miles up Baumgartner won't come close to space, even on the ultimate jump that's planned for late August or early September. Space officially begins at 100 kilometers, or 62 miles — more than 328,000 feet.”  Space is 62 miles up.  I want you to spend the rest of your day with that fact in your mind.