Friday, August 24, 2012

The Left Hemispheres Podcast Ep 01: Star-Bellied Sneetches


School vouchers

Air force rules

Valerie Hodges

Laughing in Purgatory

Friendly Atheist-Paul Ryan Memes

Todd Akin-

A+ and the Sneetches

Air Force/Gospel/Tattoos

Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown (President of NOM)

Redefining “marriage” … as big a deal as redefining “planet”?

Joe.My.God-Coulter on Akin

It’s Just Atheism Pt. II

Digital Cuttlefish quotes steve at length, hyjinks insue:

Pretty sure this is the Gretta article Steve was talking about … not 100% but hey! We didn’t talk about it much. Still, we may disagree, doesn’t mean we don’t link. That’s what I call etiquette.

Blag Hag/Surly Ramics

Richard Carrier being an angry Plusser.

Penn Jillette: This I believe

Sects of Atheism

The Raƫlian Church No less plausable than any other religion.

The White Horse Prophesy (Mormon Dominionism) (White horse)

Bill Hicks


Erica said...

Good 1st podcast. I enjoy hearing you guys debate and introduce each other to more outrageous news items.

Glenn Caine said...

Hey guys, nice job, really like the first Ep. Now I'm gonna be THAT guy. No, not the annoying judging your content guy, the annoying- unsolicited Geek-advice guy... Your artwork doesn't show when you D/l the EP on itunes, had to work out this problem when I did mine. If you care/don't already know, fix this by adding art to the ID3 tag of your mp3 ETC, before U/ling the file. Easiest way to do this is in itunes: Load file, get info, add artwork. Go with something at least 600 sq, to avoid bluring when it blows up. Ok, I'm gonna shut up and go away now.

Steve said...

Not at all man. Thanks for the advice. We're new to this whole thing so any tips are appreciated.