Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mormonism and Inter-Faith Defense

I find it disturbing how people (*cough* liberal believers *cough*) will defend a religion by pointing out that all religions have their kooky parts. Think about that logic for a minute. 
  1. An integral component or claim of a particular religion is demonstrably false and only believed via willful ignorance.
  2. But all religions have demonstrably false claims.
  3. Therefore, you shouldn’t criticize religion.


I previously mentioned this phenomenon in regards to religious opposition to same-sex marriage, but it really doesn't matter what the topic is. The sentiment holds true:

I have to say that I am always suspicious when the disparate religions get together and defend each other. It's almost as if—deep down—they all know its bullshit, but feel the need to circle the wagons.

As a secondary note, Mormonism is a complete fabrication by a con man. It is the Scientology of the 19th century. The idea that this point is unimportant is frightening. The GOP and Mitt Romney are asking the American people to put our trust in man that not only believes this nonsense, but himself is a leader within that cult. It would be laughable if it weren't true.


@blamer said...

Pro-Religion spokespeople think they're protecting "good" Religion but it is backfiring badly.

They're defending the practice of clergy and parents to continue teaching the next generation "bad" fictions about this world and humans and sex.

That is, fictions found in the bible in 2012 that modern academia has since discovered are incompatible with the historical facts. And worse; confusingly interspersed with misleading fables that equate the mistaken with the anti-christ.

Infidels aren't worse. Ditto the same-sex attracted. Secularism isn't evil. Ditto godlessness. Christian leaders are mislead and misleading others.

It's clergy's well-meaning but hurtfully mistaken teachings about "goodness" that makes it profoundly unethical for the jesus fan to loyally defend the self-serving multi-national tax-free morally-superior march of political christendom. It ain't right.

Advocating any institution that is systematically teaching fictions as facts, insisting that the incredible is credible, that the miraculous is historical... is irresponsible. Corrupting. Morally wrongheaded. And ought be stopped.

Join those buddist same-sex attracted atheistic female davids currently facing the tyranny the goliath majority of the Religio-Political Right.