Monday, April 22, 2013

The Left Hemispheres Podcast Ep. 17: Oh Islamophobia, you bad girl.

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Friday April 19, 2013

  1. LH Podcast News
    1. Swear Jar Status
    2. Laughing in Purgatory
  2. Boston “Inter-Faith” Service
    1. The “New” Atheists
      1. Glenn Greenwald
    2. FEMEN
  4. Questions from the audience
    1. Do you think it's plausible for someone to flip their perspective, from atheist/agnostic into a Christian, due to a traumatic event? The saying is that there are “no atheists in a foxhole.” Could any of you see yourself praying, under any circumstances? Hypothetically speaking, if one of you did flip, how would the rest of you react?
    2. Spiderman vs. Batman: Who Ya Got?

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