Sunday, May 5, 2013

Answers In Genesis, That "Science' Quiz & Quotes Too Stupid Not To Share

The following quotes can be found in an article entitled Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School on Answers In Genesis (the creationist site run by Ken Hamm). This is their response to the widely circulated "science" quiz from a Christian school in North Carolina.

Due to the fact that I don't think I need to spend time pointing out the irony of the following statements (that and the fact it is really nice out and I have better things to do) I am simply going to post them and run away laughing. It really should be obvious anyway. If anyone is really confused as why these are ridiculous, please start the conversation in the comment section. If you play nice, so will we.

“They are attempting to impose their belief system (yes, their religion) on the culture.”

How Are Atheists Becoming More Aggressive in America?
  • Billboards promoting atheism and attacking Christianity have popped up across the country.
  • The American Humanist Association has launched a special website for children to indoctrinate them in atheism.
  • An atheist rally in Washington DC last year had a special promotion to encourage kids to attend their atheist camps.
  • Atheists have been increasingly using terms like “child abuse” to describe the efforts of Christians who seek to teach their children about creation, heaven, and hell.
  • Many atheists claim that children belong to the community, not to their parents.
  • Atheists have actively opposed any effort in public schools to even question a belief of evolution or suggest there are any problems with it.
  • They are simply not content using legislatures and courts to protect the dogmatic teaching of their atheistic religion of evolution and millions of years in public schools.

 “… government schools have increasingly become, in essence, churches of atheism.”

Not to let a good scare tactic go to waste, of course there is a plea for money. always asking for money:

“As an encouragement to this Christian school, which has been besieged lately, we ask you to contact the Academy through its website and offer your words of support—and also send it a donation as another means of encouragement. Blue Ridge Christian Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; you can donate with a credit card or through PayPal at (see the right side of the homepage), or you can send a generous check in the mail to this address: Blue Ridge Christian Academy, 424 Hwy. 101, Landrum, SC 29356.”


Anonymous said...

Oh my god... that picture... I'm so glad Christian teachings are banned from school!