Monday, March 17, 2014

Barely Domesticated Ep. 24/Left Hemispheres Ep. 21: #Cosmos

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Cosmos is back and for one episode only so is The Left Hemispheres Podcast!

For the uninitiated, before Jack started ZXH Creative he edited and co-hosted another Podcast for The Left Hemispheres Blog, the former regulars of which have all been on Barely Domesticated. With the return to TV of Cosmos, we decided it would be fun to "get the band back together" to celebrate the return of scientific delight on national TV. Joining Jack this week are Nick (who also illustrated The Miskatonic University Guide to Old Ones Yoga), Adam, and, Steve from our old show for one last romp.

We talk about Cosmos, science & tech, tipping waitstaff, SB1062, and possibly how to get the old episodes back online for people who want them ... plus more!

Also, happy St. Patrick's Day, who supposedly drove the snakes (which never existed) out of Ireland and therefore we get drunk and eat corned beef and cabbage, which doesn't exist in Ireland ....

Look folks, if you want to observe the Irish tradition with corned beef and cabbage you need to understand that the reason American Irish love corned beef and cabbage is because Irish Immigrants lived next door to Jewish people in New York ... so go to your local deli and have a Ruben Sandwich. It's more correct and frankly yummier. All the same ingredients are there sans carrots if you get one with fries. Enjoy.