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Richard Dawkins & Rowan Williams: The Origins of Man (UPDATED)

If the embedded video goes dead try the link below it.

The Nature of Human Beings, The Origins of the Human Species, Origin of Life on Earth, and the Origin of the Universe

Random Quotes: No More Talking Snake

anyone know who said this?

Friday Link Dump ~ 2/24/12

Santorum, Dominionist Code Words & The Green Dragon

Thanks, Rick Santorum! No, really This man really is an atheist blogger gold mine.  He has just the right combination of myopia and arrogance to say what many conservatives think, but do not express in public.  He is truly the great white christian hope of the GOP.

Rick Santorum or Satanic Heavy Metal: The Quiz Can you tell the Santorum quotes from the satanic heavy-metal lyrics? Take this quiz and find out. ~~Steve, I’ll be looking for  your score in the comments.

Shit Santorum Says The Video!

Santorum’s ‘Satan’ Comments & More of His Outlandish Statements Read it here!  It comes with one of my favorite Santorum pics.  I call it “The Squeeze”

History Says Rick Santorum Is Wrong on Women in Combat I have little doubt that any of our women in uniform could kick Rick’s candy ass.  Or mine, for that matter.

Steve found the greatest thing ever.  I mean it!!  What could be better than a picture of Rick Santorum compiled entirely of images of gay porn.  Internet, I am so hot for you right now.

OK, I’m done abusing Frothy for this week.

How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect /feverishly takes notes.  If I wanted strangers to know what I was reading, I’d post it on the Internet.

Hitchens Destroys the Catholic Church

10 Catholic Teachings Conservatives Reject While Obsessing About Birth Control   
hy·poc·ri·sy  [hi-pok-ruh-see]  noun, plural -sies.
a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

“Religious Freedom” and the Conservative Quest for Absolute Truth Those who feel plagued by the fear of uncertainty will grasp at any issue that comes along if it offers another opportunity to draw firm boundaries. If that issue concerns institutional religion, so much the better, because the language of limits and hierarchies is already prominent in that sphere.”

Liberal Catholics challenge bishops on Obama's contraception rule

What War on Religion? Truth is, Obama has done more for the “Faith Based” industry than the last president.  And that guy ate the Holy O’s for breakfast every morning.

Is Dark Energy Really "Repulsive Gravity"?

The Complete Idiots Guide to Atheism

The inventor of the cure for cancer might be someone’s fourth child that they decided not to have A reversal of the old anti-choice argument.

Maryland Senate approves same-sex marriage bill 43 States to go.  C’mon Pennsylvania!

Deuteronomy 20:16-17 We’re just keeping it real.

Shocking Newsflash: Infamous Atheist Wears Mismatched Socks! The very fact that they're grasping at these fragments of straw shows how little purchase they've really gotten. What they're really upset about, obviously, is that the atheist message Dawkins and others so ably advocate is finding so many receptive listeners.”

Richard Dawkins in ‘single-celled ancestor’ shock The NewsThump people putting things in perspective.

Afghan Quran burning protestsThe Qurans were among religious materials removed from a detainee facility at Bagram Airfield. The materials were gathered for disposal and were inadvertently given to troops for burning, Gen. John Allen, commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force, said Tuesday.”   ~Yeah, I don’t know if I believe a word of that.  I really can’t think of a single viable reason to burn someone’s holy book.  Then again, I can’t make sense of the violence and murder in response to the burning either.  

Jonathan Haidt on the Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

Pure Nuttery from a Creationist We laugh, but these people vote.

Secularism vs. Religion in National Affairs #BBC

Fox News accuses The Lorax and Arrietty of brainwashing your children Yes “Insidious nonsense from Hollywood” is indoctrinating children to not be wasteful and to (gasp) not destroy the environment.  Are really they implying that rapid, unchecked industrialization does anything but rain gold from the skies.  Next, the Libs are going to start telling children that It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” or some other kind of hippy bullshit...

All Dead Mormons Are Gay  Oh man is this going to piss some people off.
Better and Better An Interview with Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler Lets end this on a positive note.

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Hitchens Destroys the Catholic Church

I'm posting this because I am appalled that we have not posted it before. Also check out Stephen Fry at the same debate.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Shit Santorum Says

This man is dangerous, hateful, and delusional. Shame on you if he represents your views or you agree with him. I mean that. Screw you.


Deuteronomy 20:16-17

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jonathan Haidt on the Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

We posted an interview with Jonathan Haidt a few weeks ago.  Here is the TED Talk that sparked that interview.  It has some fantastic insights into Liberal and Conservative worldviews.  Check it out; even if it's just to know your enemy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Secularism vs. Religion in National Affairs #BBC

via Atheist Media Blog via ModestMojoVanishes

Friday Link Dump 2/17/12

Saudi Journalist Facing Blasphemy Charges I know it’s a simple online petition, but it’s better than nothing. Please consider signing this: King Abdullah: Immediately release journalist Hamza Kashgari.

 Responses from Two PA Lawmakers Regarding the "Year of the Bible"

Hypocrisy and Ignorance: Birth Control Outrage The hypocrisy displayed is worse, ... considering that 

contraception has helped the United States, prevented abortion, and saved lives while other government monstrosities supported by right-wing Christian leaders have overwhelmingly led to harm and unnecessary death of human life.”

Congressional Birth Control Hearing Involves Exactly Zero People Who Have a Uterus

Attacking Religious Liberty? Churches Aren’t People."While any house of worship or religion has the right in the United States as guaranteed by the Constitution and the First Amendment to tell its members that contraceptives are unacceptable for followers, it is not acceptable to enlist the government’s help in enforcing such religious doctrine."

The Vagina Ideologues - Sean Hannity's Holy Sausage Fest

Bishop Nickless: Contraception Mandate a Plot by the Devil that Must be Violently Opposed Yes, I can see how secularism and atheism are dangerous considering a Catholic bishop is saying shit like this.

GAH! Words can no longer adequately describe how much I loathe the political and religious right. This idiotic controversy of theirs perfectly illustrates their backwards beliefs and their silly, small universe.

Poll on the bigotry of revealing Mormon theology More of the typical “How dare you acknowledge the crazy shit people believe!” accusation of bigotry. Frankly I am sick of that accusation and it only emboldens me.

Google's Valentine's Day Doodle Includes Same-Sex Couples

‘Spreading Romney’ satire leaks into candidate’s top Google results OK. Open up another tab. Go to Google. Search for “Spreading Romney.” Click on the “” link and boost it. Then come back here. Democracy!

Lest we forget the original...Random Frothy gif!

Adam is right; that never gets old.

Barton: Obama is a "Christian Atheist" David Barton *shakes fist* is a first class fool.

Hey Girl, Neil deGrasse Tyson Would Like To Show You The Scale of the Universe I would like to think we had a hand in spreading the word on that since we posted it *cough* two weeks ago *cough*.

Something From Nothing: Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins

Keep the Children Out of Here… The Creation Museum in KY is leading the poll. May Zeus have mercy upon all of us! Let's all vote for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Alabama, yes? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Science: It's Really, Really Hard, And That's Something To Celebrate

5 Brave Religious Leaders Who Fought Christian Theocracy in America: We shouldn’t overlook members of the Christian clergy who have buttressed the church-state wall.

Akintoba - An Atheist in Nigeria

Clint Eastwood Hits Back Against Super Bowl Ad Critics Conservatives really are simply pathetic.

The Trouble With Theistic Evolution

Darwin and Lincoln Day

Mammals Made By Viruses

DNA-tangling molecule could revolutionize treatments for cancer and HIV

Random Quotes From a Charlatan: Pat Robertson

A Texas Judge Reams Newt Gingrich's Vicious Ass Fantastic.

Eliminating liberal bias in the Bible Like the author of the article, I cannot wait to see what kind of trainwreck this is!

Metallica - Leper Messiah Just a random post because I can.

Brains Are Automatic, But People Are Free

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Random Quotes From a Charlatan: Pat Robertson

In a perfect example that Pat Robertson is a lying charlatan; he admonishes a caller who wondered why they weren’t healed after praying with Pat.

“You don’t believe that it’s real and you say ‘Well it’s a wonderful dream’, but you didn’t receive it. You got to receive it and stand on it, take it and praise God for it. This is mine! And you can ask it back. I mean, this may be Satanic and the things come back on you. They come back. You need to rebuke it and command it to leave you. Permanently!”
First, this statement barely makes any sense. I had to listen to it multiple times to transcribe just this little bit. Second, it is the perfect example of “you just don’t believe hard enough” to deflect the false claims of a cheat. It is an insult after the scam.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Frothy gif!

I'm just gonna leave this here. 

Saudi Journalist Facing Blasphemy Charges

In what can only be described as thin-skinned, intellectually bankrupt, religious whining; a Saudi Journalist has been deported back to Saudi Arabia on blasphemy charges. Human Rights Watch has stated that Hamza can expect to face almost certain conviction and a death sentence on charges of apostasy.”

via Religion Clause

The New York Times reported yesterday that Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari was stopped by Malaysian authorities at Kuala Lumpur airport on Thursday and was deported back to Saudi Arabia at the request of the Saudi king where the journalist will face blasphemy charges. The journalist has angered Saudis by writing in a series of tweets on Twitter about an imaginary meeting with the Prophet Muhammad. The Daily Beast quotes some of the tweets. Human Rights Watch says that Kashgari will face a possible death sentence in Saudi Arabia. Kashgari was attempting to fly on to New Zealand when he was detained. A lawyer hired by Kashgari's family obtained an order from a Malaysian court on Sunday that would stop Kashgari's deportation, but the lawyer discovered that Kashgari had by then already been returned to the Saudis on a private Saudi jet.

What did the offending tweets consist of? Hamza basically had a conversation with “Muhammad” regarding his relationship with “the prophet” on the anniversary of “his” birthday. I have to say...I thought it was pretty innocuous, but I guess that’s my blasphemer's tongue speaking. Oh, and by the fact that I am not religious lunatic, hellbent on protecting my Almighty, omniscient deity because of some words.

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you.”

“On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more.”

“On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more.”

Just awful stuff, right? Worthy of death. For this “crime” Hamza can expect a beheading. That’s not hyperbole, by the way. They’ll cut his head off.

Something From Nothing: Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins

via ShirleyFilms (h/t to Ben C.O. Grimm)

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Akintoba - An Atheist in Nigeria

via The Thinking Atheist (h/t to @shugyokem)

Darwin and Lincoln Day

“It appears to me (whether rightly or wrongly) that direct arguments against Christianity and theism produce hardly any effect on the public; and freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds which follows from the advance of science.” — Charles Darwin
“It is an established maxim and moral that he who makes an assertion without knowing whether it is true or false is guilty of falsehood, and the accidental truth of the assertion does not justify or excuse him.” - Abraham Lincoln

Friday, February 10, 2012

Metallica - Leper Messiah

I recently read the biography of Cliff Burton, To Live Is To Die, so naturally I have become obsessed with the first three Metallica albums as I did when I heard them for the first time...23 years ago. Anyway, I just felt like posting this song since I can.

Also, check out the Left Hemispheres Anti-Religion Radio.

Friday Link Dump ~ 2/10/12

I am noticing a trend in American culture lately where old, privileged white men are attempting to dictate a woman’s place in society either by attempting to control the accessibility of birth control, restricting low-income health care via Planned Parenthood or just trying to cram an inflated government into every uterus.  Is it me?  Or are the Conservative Christians whining more than usual?

I'm a woman, not a sin.  The misogyny of organized religion laid bare.  

More thoughts on Catholicism and contraception

Congressman Falls for The Onion's Planned Parenthood 'Abortionplex' Story Speaking of confirmation bias, when you think that Planned Parenthood is an abortion assembly line you will fall for anything.

Brilliant Democratic State Senator Tacks ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’ Clause to Oklahoma’s Personhood Bill  The proposed amendment states:  “However, any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman's vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.”

The Scale of the Universe Not only are we small and insignificant on an astronomical scale.  We are lumbering and insipid on a microscopic scale.

In Search Of 'Alien' Life, Russian Scientists Out Of Contact Since Last 6 Days In Antarctica

'The oldest work of art ever': 42,000-year-old paintings of seals found in Spanish cave

Siri’s Evil Twin Sister Iris: Popular Android App Calls Abortion Murder, Cites Exodus

FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney Attended A Planned Parenthood Fundraiser, Now Wants To Defund It

Ron Paul Gets Glitter-Bombed.  The video is shit.  Just know that it happened.  Tell your friends.

Random Quotes of RWNJ Stupidity: Darwin --> HITLER!  (Sigh) Really?

How to argue illogically: Tony’s ten top tips  Every crook and charlatan should reads this and take notes.

Re-creating Noah's Ark, with lizards, for science!

Watcha Thinkin Bout?

Jonathan Haidt Explains Our Contentious Culture  It's no secret that we have a left-leaning political ideology on this blog.  Watching this clip actually uncovered some of my own biases toward conservative thought.  It makes me uncomfortable and it's actually hard to remember because my liberal/progressive brain wants to ignore information that contradicts my worldview.  We cannot rely on individual reason because our biases are literally blind spots.

James Randi: Archaeology vs the Bible

Martin Luther: Grandfather Of The Holocaust

The only primate to communicate in pure ultrasound

Prop 8 Overturned Lets protect marriage from bigotry for a change.

Badass of the Week: Anthony Omari Dude took a machete to the skull after protecting 37 children in an orphanage from 3 attackers.  What did you do this week?

Sure, Gay Teens Are Killing Themselves, but What About the Christians?!  Persecution is written into the Christian mythology.  It was a necessary indoctrination tool to combat the blinking expression that rational people give you when you make wild and unsubstantiated claims about the Universe.  Follow me on this one.  1)You believe that morality comes from a series of statements in book. 2)Echoing these statements is so damaging to some people that it compels them to take their own life.
Your choices are to: A)Decide that the statements from the book are immoral. B) Recognize that using those words to shame others into conformity is also immoral.  C)Decide that the suicidal people are immoral and/or broken in some way that is independent of you. D)Claim that the people who object to your moral statements are persecuting you.   They need to continue to prime and reinforce their followers with the persecution mantra.  Otherwise basic human compassion will take over.

Entire genome of extinct human decoded from fossil

The History of the Universe in 10 Minutes

Atheism in America: Why won’t the U.S. accept its atheists?  We’re here.  We’re clear.  Get used to it.

"Ping-Pong" Planets Can Bounce From Star to Star

Ex-Gay Flyers Passed out in Public Schools

Christians Boycott Starbucks – Because Romans 1 Explains Starbucks Hates God If Christians are going to use Leviticus as a reason to boycott Starbucks, they should boycott Red Lobster too.

Hubble images reveal galaxy similar to Milky Way

Alabama Senator: Increasing Teacher Pay Is Unbiblical (But I Need A Raise)  Steve says: News flash! Those who claim that "Biblical Teachings" are paramount are usually full of shit. Also hypocrites.

Dissecting "How atheism became a religion in all but name”


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ex-Gay Flyers Passed out in Public Schools

The group known as PFOX (parents and friends of ex-gays) that identifies itself as a Christian organization actually coordinated with a Maryland school district to send flyers home with school children depicting homosexuality as a chosen affliction that can be cured. Let's ignore for a moment the state-funded institution pushing Christianity on its student body.

I charge you, dear reader, to find me an example of conversion therapy that does not foster shame as a motivator and employ prayer as the primary technique.  Clearly, what the youth of today really needs is another reason to feel ashamed and alienated.

Thanks to On Knees For Jesus

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prop 8 Overturned

“Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite-sex couples,”
                                                                                                           Judge Stephen Reinhardt