Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Link Dump 11/19/10

Have a good weekend everyone! 
The Nietzsche Family Circus - I weep for how awesome this is.  

Exoplanet found...from another galaxy! 

Child Abuse Rate At Zero Percent In Lesbian Households, New Report Finds

Hitchens on ABC Lateline

The absolute greatest future dystopia where liberals have won - This ranks right up there with Kirk Cameron movies for the ridiculousness.  If I were to watch this, it is quite possible I will be unconscious and foaming at the mouth by the end.  

US loses status as a 'colossus of science' - The slow erosion of knowledge and education in this country by anti-intellectuals is really, truly taking its toll.  

Space–time invisibility cloak could 'edit history'

Acoustic Archaeology Yielding Mind-tripping Tricks - I selflessly volunteer myself for additional experimentation in this matter.  FOR SCIENCE!

Jim Morrison May Get Posthumous Pardon - This link and my comment have nothing to do with this site, but I just wanted to say that I don't know when it became cool to knock The Doors and hate on Jim Morrison. I've noticed that lately and I have to say I don't like it. That is all.  /steps off soapbox

New state rep: Confederate flag 'a symbol of Jesus Christ.' - Can you believe this guy is from New York?  Ha just kidding, he’s from Arkansas.  

Copper load of this! Company digging mine in Afghanistan unearths 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery

McCain Moves The Goal Posts Again On DADT, Now Claiming The Pentagon Study Isn’t Good Enough  - Ah yes, the old strategy of crapping on science while demanding new science on which to crap. Here is the study, by the way.  

Change the Pledge: One Nation Under Allah?

Vikings Possibly Carried Native American Woman to Europe - Iceland is in Europe now? 

Fox News: 'Heaven Is For Real' - I would love to rip on Fox for this even being a story, but other channels also broadcast this crap all the time.   Having said that this is so ridiculous I can barely contain my disdain.   

Humanists' 'holiday' ads attack God, Bible - Comparing atheists and the West Boro Baptist Church.  Seems like a bit of a stretch...

Trapped Antimatter Could Help Spill Universe's Secrets

The gorgeous microbiology movie that's taken the world by storm