Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 7/15/11

Astronomers find two white-dwarf stars locked in death spiral Ultimate quote: “A penny made of this white dwarf’s material would weigh about 1,000 pounds on Earth.”  This is what I think about while I pretend to pay attention at work meetings.

Mid-Week Rant: Crushing A Creationist

6 Ways Atheists Can Band Together to Fight Religious Fundamentalism

Thought Experiment: Biblical Jenga!  Steve, dropping some knowledge

Why we Have to Talk About This: Atheism, Sexism, and  Blowing up the Internet Greta Christina says it so we don’t have to.

Monday Morning Quotes ~Galileo Galilei  

Tell Christian Sheriff to Stop Persecuting Atheist  A perfect example of what happens when the privileged of society are challenged.  Please sign and pass along this petition.

Sunday Morning Hate: FAMiLY LEADER  

The Religious Right's Shadow Nation

Debate: Religion & Education  

Pro-Voucher Tea Party Group Admits It Wants To ‘Shut Down Public Schools And Have Private Schools Only’  Don’t forget home school!  Get ready to buy all of your electronics from other countries.  Also, kiss your modern medicine goodbye when your MRI machine breaks and nobody knows how fucking magnets work.

Playing God: The Loving Psychopath.  

6 Pro-Gay Marriage Arguments for Fighting With Crazy People

Skinheads Hunt Native American Family. Guess Who Gets Arrested? This story is designed to upset you.  Read it in a well ventilated area.

Bachmann, Santorum Pledge Allegiance to Theocracy in America **sigh**  I used to get fired up about this stuff.  Now it just makes me sad.

An Ideological Turing Test for Atheists and Christians

Scientists show that modern humans never co-existed with Homo erectus Before a creationist says “Ha!  Your science was wrong!” I would like to remind them of the definition of the word fact.  Or at least remind them that the definition isn’t “any sentence in your holy book.”

Search Engines Change How Memory Works  What if our poor attention-spans are just an adaptation to the constant bombardment of information?  In place of mnemonic devises, we use mental keyword searches.

Space Pictures This Week: Last Spacewalk, Saturn Storm, More

New algorithm provides new insights into evolutionary exodus out of Africa

Group sues Texas governor for 'unconstitutional' participation in prayer rally

Cain Rewrites History: I Said I Would Not Be Comfortable With ‘A Terrorist In My Cabinet’ OK, just because you found a neo-con black guy does not mean that Americans will vote for him.  The last time a republican think tank suggested finding a woman (since Americans seemed to like Hillary) the world was introduced to that attention-junkie Sarah Palin.


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The Homo Erectus link takes me to Gmail.

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