Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Link Dump 8/26/11

Fox News, North Korea, and Religion: A Note on Flagrant Propaganda our first cross-post with The Crackpot Chronicles. Go visit.

Of Teapots, Santa Claus and Doubt Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!....

There’s no Santa?

Ancient Whales’ Twisted Skulls Were Useful I want to make love to that headline.

We Are Atheism

Renew America Wonders If Obama Is A Demon Forget The Onion. This site is hilarious.

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Albert Camus “Beware of those who say: ‘I know this too well to be able to express it.’ For if they cannot do so, this is because they don't know it or because out of laziness they stopped at the outer crust.”

Yeah, because their websites and videos espousing their garbage isn’t everywhere across the Internet. We have commented on and had fun with some of them. It would seem the majority would rather just not have to think about it.

Why Atheists Shouldn't "Shut the Fuck Up"

'Oldest Fossil on Earth Found'

Attention Governor Perry: Evolution is a fact Dawkins doesn’t play nice and lays the smackdown to Texas’ head idiot.

Disclaimer: Not all Texans are idiots. I said he was the “head” idiot. There’s a difference.

Climate Gate: Case Closed

Matt Taibbi on the Explosive Investigation Revealing the SEC's Cover-Up of Wall Street's Crimes

'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss

DNA study deals blow to theory of European origins

Evolution threatens Christianity Evolution could not have produced a single mother and father of all future humans, so there was no Adam and no Eve. No Adam and Eve: no fall. No fall: no need for redemption. No need for redemption: no need for a redeemer. No need for a redeemer: no need for the crucifixion or the resurrection, and no need to believe in that redeemer in order to gain eternal life. And not the slightest reason to believe in eternal life in the first place.”

Michele Bachmann praying Oh how fucking special.



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