Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Morning Hate: "Bishop" Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

It’s one thing to be in a church preaching all these messages, seeing people shout and whatever it is. But it’s another thing to command the attention of the nation, and then begin to tell these folks, ‘we vote too.’ We don’t just dance and sing, we vote. And some of what you’re doing has to be accountable to us, the people of God. There really is no separation of church and state. In God’s mind, the word of the Lord should impact everything that happens out there in the state. So time and time again we got folks who want us to say our place is just behind these four walls. But Jesus came not to take sides, but to take over. (emphasis added)

via RightWingWatch


Andrew Hall said...

Nothing like a cup 'o tea and some lunacy to start a Sunday!

Anonymous said...

"Jesus came not to take sides, but to take over."

Really? Didn't Jesus say time and time again that his kingdom was NOT of this world? What about his views stating give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to god what is god's? Sounds like separation of church and state to me. Silly Christians.