Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 12/23/11

We need to talk about Christopher Hitchens.  We need to discourse and debate and deliberate on his life and work.  We need to do this because the movement will not see another like him for decades.  Maybe longer.  The combination of wit, intelligence, sophistication and giant fucking balls is something rare and amazing even in this lightening rod culture where almost anyone can be heard but so few have anything worth saying.
We need to talk about Hitch so that we don’t forget him.  We need to give him true everlasting life.  We need to honor him for his ability to truly change the way we think.  If Dawkins made me realize that I was an atheist, then Hitch made me realize that I needed to talk about it.  Hitch taught me that silence is slavery.  And that reasonable people, that is: people of reason are duty bound to speak up and stand up in the face of fear and manipulation.  Magic does not get a pass.  Superstition is not an acceptable excuse for bloodshed, or bigotry, or subjugation.  He was New Atheism’s loudest voice.  We are all going to have to speak up a little more from now on.

Christopher Hitchens & My Antitheism

Sam Harris: The Blog : Hitch

Romney Unveils his 3 tier Marriage System for Gays  This proves without a doubt that he is fully aware of the second class citizenship status he is doling out.  If you already received the equality, then it would be unfair to take it away.
This is the way I deal with my child when I say he can have candy then find out that he didn't finish his dinner.  Well, I already said you can have a peice of candy  --but don't ask for ice cream!!

Marcus Bachmann’s Agenda As ‘First Spouse’: Deny Marriage Rights To Gay People Well that is much way more important than making sure American children eat a healthy lunch at school.

Ron Paul's Shaggy Defense Yes there is a theme here.  Read Ron Paul’s responses to questions about some racist statements on his newsletters.  Hint: the ones he can’t tapdance around are not his fault.

Frothy Mixture & Christians think only Christians Have Rights We just wanted to run through the Republican candidates to give our godless readers fresh ammo for when they find themselves across the table from Uncle Conservative this weekend.  You’re welcome.

The Liberal Whitewashing of Religion & Equating Hitchens with Religious Bigots This one is for your ultra liberal cousin on break from the university.

Time for Nonbelievers to Emphasize Equality Michael Tomasky: The Republican Whitewash of the Iraq War to Come A few years from now, I will be searching this blog’s archives for this article.

What Exoplanets Might Really Look Like  

3 Things the Higgs Boson can teach you about physics

Married After 64 Years A modern love story.

You Say You Want a Devolution? An interesting observation on American culture.

Tebow's Religion: Fair Game Steve really said it all here.  But I enjoyed this article anyway.

Robertson: SNL Tebow skit fueled by ‘anti-Christian bigotry’ Robertson expertly walks the fine line of the persecuted pity party and the lamenting that there is not a modern Christian equivalent to the Fatwa.  Whenever pampered children like Pat Robertson complain that they want to be treated like everyone else it is usually because they are being treated like everyone else.  If he thinks a  4 minute loss of absolute sacred privilege is “disgusting”, Steve and I should send him audio of one of our prolonged theology discussions.

Good Minus God

Solar Power Much Cheaper to Produce Than Most Analysts Realize, Study Finds

Find Your Inner Neanderthal

How We All Pay For the Huge Tax Privileges Granted to Religion -- It's Time to Tax the Church Hell.  Yes.

Let's Face it: It's the Radical Right, not Islam, that is the Greatest Threat to the American Way  The running complaint used to be that Muslims are always portrayed as terrorists. But now, the message being sent is that "not portraying American Muslims as terrorists" is sufficient for complaint and controversy. It's moving the goal posts to a dangerous new "lowe."

Wound-Treating Jelly Regenerates Fresh, Scar-Free Skin  This should renew your faith in humanity after reading that last article.

Saudi woman beheaded for 'sorcery'  OK that didn’t last long.

This is both disturbing and hilarious.  Mostly disturbing.  But who am I to rain on someone’s holiday festivities?  We (Americans) sit around a dead tree and eat candy out of our socks.