Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 12/9/11

The Seven Mountains Mandate (Part 5)  If you have not been reading Steve’s Dominionism Series stop what you are doing and read them right now.  I’ll wait...

God & Battered Person Syndrome This is a great observation that either Steve or I will eventually write an essay about.  YHWH is the ultimate abusive father.  

Kepler confirms first planet found in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star!

Dan Barker with a great analogy I love how this starts out as “good news.”

The infantile style in American politics “Having gone through Michele “the founding Fathers ended slavery” Bachmann, Rick “I’d close down the federal government if only I could remember what it is” Perry, and Herman “all this stuff twirling around in my head” Cain, Republican voters have now embraced their latest unelectable stooge, a narcissistic, ethically challenged trough-feeder and third-rate history professor whose  brilliant ideas include a ludicrous two-track Social Security option and undermining the Supreme Court”

House Republicans Push Bill To Ban Abortions Based On The Race Or Sex Of The Fetus I understand the willingness to sabotage the global economy to avoid compromise with your opponent.  I don’t understand this.  It seems like republicans want more minority babies to be born.  Why would they want more democrats in the world?

Rick Perry: asshat  What strikes me about this message is how easy it is to refute everything he says. Then I remember that he is not actually speaking to people like me.  Be sure to catch the awesome video rebuttal.

Exploring ancient ruins in 3D with Google Earth

Is Belief in God Reasonable? Arif Ahmed vs William Lane Craig... Steve pointed out that Craig doesn't get two minutes and ten seconds into this debate before committing a purposeful, intellectually bankrupt straw-man fallacy. Atheists do not claim that the universe is eternal. He then tries to use the Big Bang as proof of God. He is such a hack.

“Who do you want for Christmas?” – Outreach Media

On Black Atheism: Jamila Bey

McCain erupts: Conservatives are lying to America Shit!  Do I have to like him now?

Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election...This post brought in some good conversation in the comments.

The Top Ten Occupations That Lead People to Become Atheists Psychology and Anthropology represent.  *Mimicks vague urban hand gesture*

Adopt and atheist” campaign begins.  I thought this was parody at first but no, it is as real as the fervent belief in an imaginary deity.

The Pale Blue Dot - A Tribute to Carl SaganOur planet is a lonely speck  in the great enveloping cosmic dark”  I want that etched into my tombstone.

If you have already seen this, watch it again.