Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Link Dump 5/4/12

We Are Godless: Our yearly National Day of Reason post.

Being an atheist is causing a good man to fight for custody of his daughter: This whole thing broke on Tuesday and blew up real quick! I am happy to report that Jordan hit his needed goal for fundraising in less than 48 hours (if that) and exceed it. I talked to him as the whole thing was breaking and he is overwhelmed with gratitude. We have his back in the future as well. Go to the Facebook page to check everything out for yourself. As a father of a little girl I cannot imagine what he is going through. Hat tip to Reed from The Crackpot Chronicle for the interview.

The Anti-Faithist: Man, someone tell that dude to take it down a notch… 

Sam Harris...I Am Disappoint: Updated to include his rebuttal addendum. I still think he is wrong.

Once more, with feeling: ‘Weather’ is NOT ‘climate’: Seriously, if you’re not reading The Science Bit you are losing out. Brian does a great job of destroying bad representations of science in the media.

Euphemistic congress: “Everybody knows that it is perfectly acceptable to say anything you like about religion. Anything. Go on, try it. Nobody will care one way or the other.”

God on Trial: The Verdict: I posted this about two months ago but it is just so brilliant I had to break it out again. I put it on my personal Facebook wall with the message: “Today is the National Day of Prayer. I would remind those that believe in the God of Abraham what kind of god they are praying to if it were true.” It got a few likes. Not one response. Keep in mind my Facebook page is intentionally pretty small. I actually know most of the people on there. They are family and friends from high school, college and grad school. The majority are believers of some sort. I always wonder if they actually read or watch the things I post. I wonder what they think...

Dan Savage Discusses the Bible: Obviously he is getting a lot of flak for this. Obviously, I think he is dead on.

Skylon spacecraft: 'Revolutionary' engine design tested: Very cool, but that sounds suspiciously like “Cylon.”

Plasma Rocket Could Travel to Mars in 39 Days: This is more like it! Plus it’s an Amurrican company! Fuck yeah!


Random Quotes: Religious Set Aside Their Differences…for Hate: “…how can we be expected to be tolerant of religions that preach intolerance?”

For Catholics, a Door to Absolution Is Reopened: Indulgences are back! Such convoluted garbage. It amazes and depresses me that anyone would adhere to this.

DEA Left Daniel Chong to Drink Urine in Cell: Awful story. Screw the DEA and the Obama Administration for the rapid and dramatic increase in the ineffectual drug war.

Schools as Scapegoats  via Practical Doubt

“Real-Life Superhero” Phoenix Jones Spawns “Real-Life Supervillain” Rex Velvet: I find this hilarious. Of course I am a nerd that remembers an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where Batman is put on trial by the inmates of Arkham Asylum and the question is asked “who created whom?”

Much Ado about Nothing“For millennia humans simply said, ‘God did it’: a creator existed before the universe and brought it into existence out of nothing. But this just begs the question of what created God—and if God does not need a creator, logic dictates that neither does the universe.”

From Minister To Atheist: A Story Of Losing Faith: "I just kind of realized — I mean just a eureka moment, not an epiphany, a eureka moment — I'm an atheist," she says. "I don't believe. And in the moment that I uttered that word, I stumbled and choked on that word — atheist."

Pastor's loss of faith started with loss of hell: This is a great example of why we cannot be ignorant of theology and think that we will inevitably get through to people via science and reason. For some people it’s much more visceral and emotional than that. We need a multi-pronged approach.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The most astounding fact: Another amazing cartoon from Zen Pencils. I attempted to embed the cartoon as a standalone post, but it just wouldn’t work in Blogger. I hate you, Blogger. I hate you so bad…

Scientists Discover The Oldest, Largest Body Of Water In Existence--In Space: This article is from July 2011, but it’s news to me and very cool!