Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Link Dump 4/1/11

Non-Believers Giving Aid (UPDATED) - This isn’t over. If you didn’t give before please consider doing so now and forward this link around.

Monday Morning Quotes: Robert Ingersoll

10 Mysterious Underground Cities  - Pretty cool, but I don’t think the “mysterious” label need be applied.

This is Amurica! We believe in Jesus and free market capitalism! hmmm? what’s that?

Vatican tells U.N. that critics of gays under attack - It’s about time the poor, humble and persecuted Catholic Church stood up for what’s right and protected their ability to hatefully discriminate against gays. Religious discrimination is still discrimination. Also, while I’m at it: it’s not child abuse. It’s child rape. The only way to make the word “abuse” sound not so bad is to compare it to “rape.”

Texas Find Turns Back Clock On Settlers In America - In light of this new evidence the Texas School Board will revise the curriculum to show that the first Texan settlers were white Christians who fought off the invading hordes of swarthy Mexicans and heathen Injuns.

Gut bacteria may influence thoughts and behaviour - Needles

Watch Out Below: Wasps Battle Ants by Dropping Them - I have a new idea for a SyFy Original Movie.

Mike Huckabee wants to force us to listen to a fundie message at gunpoint - Joking? Only until they actually had the power to do it.

The dawn of beer remains elusive in archaeological record  - I wish I was researching this.

The Erosion of Progress by Religions  ← Neil deGrasse Tyson

Wisconsin Church Members Charged With Abusing Infants - They beat some children as young as 2 months old. Because they cried.

Atheist Christopher Hitchens could be 'saved' by evangelical Christian - Awful headline.

'Virus-eater' discovered in Antarctic lake

Who Wrote The Bible And Why It Matters - The Bible: a Book of Lies.

American Family Association: The First Amendment Only Applies to Christians

38% of Americans Believe Japan Disaster a Sign From God - Another study conducted by me just now found that I never want to meet approximately 38% of my fellow Americans. Probably more.

Pawlenty: U.S. Should Not Be Governed By Religious Law — Unless It’s Christianity - So Pawlenty agrees with the American Family Association. Which is a hate group.

Prayer lawsuit moves forward; plaintiff curiously arrested - This isn’t over. Be sure to stay informed on the case and Support the Atheists of Florida (UPDATED)