Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Year of Left Hemispheres

Well, well, well. This is our one year anniversary as a blog. Mother is so proud! We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read our site and forwarding it around. It sounds cheeseball, but this place never would have lasted if wasn't for anyone reading the damned thing. All I can say is that this is a lot more work than I expected. I have so much more respect for people that do this for a living.

Since there are a lot of new readers, especially during the past few months, we put together a “Best of” list of essays, videos, etc. for you to check out after the jump. This is our favorite stuff from the past twelve months. There is a lot here. Please enjoy!

We have to start with We Are Godless.

Theocracy Watch: Seven Mountains Dominionism
Thought Experiment: Biblical Jenga!
Dimetredon, Religion and the Impermanent Apex
Same-Sex Marriage, Freedom of Religion and the Great Gazoo
Atheism, New Atheism & Antitheism

The Atheist Child
(Hell)Fire in my Belly
Suspension of Disbelief in God
Suffer a Witch to Live

The Mad Norwegian
Open Letter
No True Scotsman
Doing Good

Co-Op Essays
Unreasonable Doubt & Illogical Apologetics
Dismantling the NOM Talking Points

A guest post by an atheist in a foxhole.
Godless, Country, Corps

Monday Morning Quotes
Gene Roddenberry
Douglas Adams
Carl Sagan
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Mid-Week Rant
Storm by Tim Minchin
Ron Babcock
Stephen Fry
Dara O'Brian

Bible Stories!
If Religions Were Real: 2 Kings 2:23-24
The Professor Brothers: Sodom & Gomorrah

Science Saved My Soul
Evolution Made Us All
Flying Spaghetti Monster Song
Hate E-mails with Richard Dawkins
The Goon Bible Project - Book of Job
The Saga of BiƓrn

Must Watch
The Four Horsemen this is Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennett talking for two hours. If you’re not interested in this then we can’t be friends.