Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 9/2/11

Ron Paul: Enemy of Individual Liberty A solid guest post from our friend Jason that has inspired some riveting comments/conversations.  Thanks to all for keeping the discourse rational and secular.

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Joseph Campbell "What gods are there, what gods have there ever been, that were not from man's imagination?"

No Fulfillment Without God?

Sunday Morning Hate: Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Cables Reveal 2006 Summary Execution of Civilian Family in Iraq

Mid-Week Rant ~ Jamie Kilstein

Fox Contributor To Bill Nye: You're 'Confusing Our Viewers' On Climate Change (VIDEO)  Bill blows Charles Payne’s mind with scientific metaphor about Global Warming.

Cosmic Bling: Astronomers Find Planet Made of Diamond “The object’s density means that the material is certain to be crystalline, meaning a large part of the planet may be similar to a diamond.”  OK so it’s not really made of diamond but its still really cool.

Donohue Likens LGBT Rights Movement To Apartheid, Denies Ever Leading Pressure Campaigns “Of course, it is ironic for the Catholic League to accuse “extremists” of trying to “silence” the voices of their opponents, seeing as that Donohue led the successful push for the Smithsonian to censor their exhibit on LGBT-themed art.”  
My thoughts exactly.

Science and religion: God didn't make man; man made gods Like our physiological DNA, the psychological mechanisms behind faith evolved over the eons through natural selection. They helped our ancestors work effectively in small groups and survive and reproduce, traits developed long before recorded history, from foundations deep in our mammalian, primate and African hunter-gatherer past.”

What Do Atheists Do in a Crisis? Watch a room full of adults get so angry at David Silverman that they forget the actual question he is answering.

Das Rad (The Wheel)

Penn State Students Grill Alum Rick Santorum On Marriage Views  The rabid crowd of students was clearly a frothy mixture of drug addled liberals and swarthy homosexuals...who just happened to have reasoned arguments and sound objections.  WE ARE PENN STATE!

If Atheists Ruled the World

Why libertarians apologize for autocracy

Monsters of Grok Awesome!


Something Surprising  A great blog.  Here’s a multi-post take on Noah and the flood myth.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Jefferson’s Bible

Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images Take a minute to remind yourself that you are small and insignificant.  Just like church, only you can click here and actually see the other galaxies.