Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Link Dump 9/30/11

Lebanon's witch hunt for Satanists — authorities arrest heavy metal musicians and fans Possibly no other simple violation of civil rights illustrates the weakness and subconscious uncertainty of religious thought than arrests for "blasphemy." As they say: "Blasphemy is a victimless crime."     

Speaking of which...TODAY is International Blasphemy Rights Day!

Christian Lies About 'Violent' Atheists

Atheism has a sexism problem Ugh...atheism doesn’t have a sexism problem. Atheists have a sexism problem.

The Unbelievers: New Atheism and the Old Boys' Club The excellent article PZ references.

Random Quotes: "Dr." Keith Ablow

Astronomers discover new way to measure Universe

Why Christians Need PA Systems to Pray

Cult 101: Christian "Rapper" at SC Public School

Michael Shermer Interview – Prominent People Project Well looky at who Marty landed. Great job brother! Also congrats on your 300th post.

Batman vs. Jesus: Who ya got?

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this painting as well.

Islamic healing is on the rise in Southeast Asia "When I get that feeling, I want Islamic Healing..."

Jail or church? Some Alabama offenders will get to choose Adam said "Your choice is either prisoner or slave..."

Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology

Scientists discover virus that kills all grades of breast cancer ‘within seven days’ WE ARE PENN STATE!

Mid-Week Rant: Patton Oswalt: Beliefs about Gay Marriage

Schrödinger's Cat I can haz explanation?

What makes us worth defending

Feynman: A New Comic Biography I literally bought this the minute I saw that it existed. I haven’t read it yet, but it is now in my possession.

Petition: Reallocate Defense funds to NASA

Some cool private space exploration as well: SPACEX TO BUILD 'GRASSHOPPER' ROCKET

'Why Evolution Is True' by Jerry Coyne

Recently discovered species of raptor validates the fears of anyone who ever watched Jurassic Park

How Come God Never Talks To Them? This is over a week old? How did I miss this?