Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Link Dump 10/7/11

The Pulpit Initiative: Religion, Politics & Taxes

Random Quotes of the Malleable Religious Mind A leftover link and quote that didn’t fit in my Pulpit Initiative piece. It was too good to not use.

Supernatural explanations just don't occur to kids - they need to be taught them

Bizarre solar system crams three giant planets into fraction of Mercury’s orbit How do we know it’s bizarre?

Wall Street demonstrators dressed as 'corporate zombies' lurch past stock exchange as protests spread beyond America Nice.

Renew America: Repeal Of Don't Ask Don't Tell Will Lead To Society's "Complete Ruination If there is anything that the Fundie Christians get sustenance from, its complete bullshit with a side of baseless hyperbole. They eat it up.

That last link reminded me of a bit by Lewis Black so I used it as the Mid-Week Rant.

Monday Morning Quotes: George Carlin

Fox News on Separation of Church and State I want to send this to relatives that watch Fox News, but I am disheartened by the very real fact that they will ignore it.

Heavy metal stars produce Earth-Like planets  \m/

Ant colonies are home to endless insect civil wars Animals.

The Feynman Series More great work from the creator of the Sagan Series. I look forward to more videos. We’ll update as they come out.

Obama heckled by Christian Not a “crazy person.” Not an “extremist.” A Christian.

OMG you guys...we're totally brainwashing kids! This is one of those posts where I am going through the LH emails to the FLD and think “This has to be more than a one-liner.”

A Computer Simulation of the Universe’s Complete 14-Billion-Year Evolution

Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech from 2005 Steve Jobs 1955-2011. A man who reminded us all that with determination and some good ideas there's no limit to how much one person can change the world.

The Benjamin Franklin Effect this carefully when you have some time. Send it to Instapaper, your email, whatever.


Tom said...

I liked how everyone else in the crowd at the President's speech started chanting 4 more years just to bother the hell out of the heckler