Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Link Dump 1/13/12

Guestpost: The Singular Obsession of Rick Santorum another great guestpost from Jason. Look, I don’t think Frothy has a boys chance in Vatican City of winning the nomination, but these people and their fucked up worldview need to be challenged and mocked. Without mercy. Besides, this whole run at the nomination thing is just going to build his “cred” with the Christo-facists so we haven’t heard last of the mixture. 

More fun with Frothy 

Atheists Turn to Self, Others in Times of Crisis, Not 'Invisible' God “‘So why be a Christian? What’s the point?’ The Way of the Master ministry leader posed. ‘Because His promise is for immortality. Death has been destroyed for all who repent and trust in Jesus.’”

That pretty much says it all.

What's Wrong With American Christianity?

Militant Atheism? “When the media and others refer to a “militant atheist,” the object of that slander is usually an atheist who had the nerve to openly question religious authority or vocally express his or her views about the existence of God.”

160 Billion! The New Estimate of Alien Planets in the Milky Way It would be a lazy joke if I made fun of people for thinking that we are the center of it all. I would never do that.

The Known Universe I love feeling ‘small.’ Not like we don’t matter, but that there is so much to learn.

Rick Santorum Now Claims He Never Compared Homosexuality with Bestiality Adam’s comment on this: It's completely pointless to put up this argument regarding someone who is so obviously in love with his hatred for gays. Still the fact that he will not own up to this quote now that his eyes are on the prize is somehow even more sickening.

Global Warming May Make Reptiles Smarter See liberals? It’s not so bad!

Dark matter's 'cosmic web' revealed

5 Founding Fathers Whose Skepticism About Christianity Would Make Them Unelectable Today I take the view that the individual religions, or lack thereof, of the Founding Fathers are irrelevant. They all, regardless of religion or skepticism, saw the wisdom in creating a separation of church and state to avoid the political strife and horrors that the mingling of the two has created over and over again throughout history.

David Barton's (/shakes fist!) 'Outrageous Fabrication' about Thomas Jefferson American History, brought to you by fools and liars.

Magic Mormon Underwear

Did Mother Teresa Protect a Pedophile Priest? Ya know, even I don't want to believe this, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

How your genes can affect your response to religion

Octopuses Edit Proteins to Beat the Cold

MSNBC OUSTS CONTRIBUTOR PAT BUCHANAN OVER RACIST BOOK About time. MSNBC still sucks for ever having him on their network. It’s not like he suddenly said some racist shit out of no where.

The GOP’s Race to the Dark Ages

Pope Benedict XVI: Gay Marriage A Threat To 'Future Of Humanity' Not war. Not global climate change. Not famine nor plague. Gay. Marriage.

I predict Pat Robertson is wrong

“The word of God is, like, really scary.” I’ve seen these on the Internet before and I think they are just photoshopped, but this is something that should happen. I think they would be more effective than some of the other atheistic billboards.

Has Obama Waged A War On Religion? Simply ridiculous.

Reddit to go dark Jan. 18 in protest of piracy bill and so will we.

Not that anyone would notice...

Harris on the free will delusion “... the truth is that free will doesn't even correspond to any subjective fact about us, for introspection soon grows as hostile to the idea as the equations of physics have.”

The anti-Obama cult One of the many things about the GOP that angers me is that they force me to defend Obama. Because their attacks and criticisms are so irrational and deluded I can’t let them slide. Instead we could have a grown up conversation about some of his policies aren’t the best thing for the country. But no...none of that from these freaks. It’s ‘elitism’ this and ‘war on religion’ that. Pathetic.

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking & Arthur C. Clarke - God, The Universe and Everything Else

How to Spot a Moon Around an Exoplanet