Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Link Dump 3/18/11

Non-Believers Giving Aid

Not Praying for Japan - I love all the denizens of Twitter getting fired up over the #PrayforJapan hashtag. Get off you ass and do something.

Also we created a Secular Charities page to keep a running list of secular charities in general. If you know of more please send us an email.  They do not have to be an explicitly atheist charity. Just a secular one. Anything. We’ll put it up.

God Hates Japan - Oh, was plate tectonics.

Godzilla is to blame - Whatever gets people’s attention to donate.

That’s a hint...go donate right now and come back.  

I want to take the time here to address the God Hates Japan girl, (TamTamPamela). It is confirmed - she was a troll.  Let’s hope that is the last we see of her, troll or no. I can only speak personally but when I suspected troll I was kind of offended by that all the same.

Tokyo Mayor: Tsunami Was ‘Divine Punishment’

Mapping Japan's changed landscape from space

Government Spending Millions to Evangelize to Military Kids - It boggles my mind that most people are apathetic about this. Every one except Evangelical Christians should be outraged, horrified and worried. Nope. Everyone is too busy watching Jersey Shore and Survivor and OMG did Emily win on The Bachelor?

*drinks heavily*

Kansas GOP State Rep. Compares Undocumented Immigrants To Pigs, Suggests Shooting Them From Helicopters - I think all ignorant morons should be hunted like swine, forcibly sterilized, lobotomized and barred from public office. Hahaha. I'm just joking so it's OK that I said that.

The Catch-22 of Hell - This is a subject I could go on and on about.

Evidence: Europeans Controlled Fire Much Later Than Thought

Timeline: The evolution of life

Generation Joshua  - Not quite as insidious as Jesus Camp, but they are still using homeschool kids in the culture wars.

Jim DeMint’s Theory Of Relativity: ‘The Bigger Government Gets, The Smaller God Gets’ - “America works, freedom works, when people have that internal gyroscope that comes from a belief in God and Biblical faith. Once we push that out, you no longer have the capacity to live as a free person without the external controls of an authoritarian government.”

Why the rock-paper-scissors game explains natural selection - I like this. It does explain ecosystem competition adequately.

Honesty: The Muslim World’s Scarcest Resource? - “Believers, if you yield to the infidels they will drag you back to unbelief and you will return headlong to perdition. . . . We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. . . . The Fire shall be their home” (3:149–51).

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerrilla Internet Tactics - "80% of the books I put a star on, I don't that's how it works."  I don't doubt that for a second.

Lost city of Atlantis believed found off Spain - Unsurprisingly, I am skeptical. Even with Japan and Libya taking up the majority of the news cycle I would think this would be bigger news if it had more support. Also, a settlement with concentric rings ≠ Atlantis. It still has the potential for a cool archaeological site though.

NEW MEME! Advice God: This is great.

Petition: Demand that the US Army show equal treatment for religious and non-religious soldiers.

No Slave to God

Catholics Come Home Commercial - Catholicism: Now with 20% less rape!

This video is pretty random for the site, but I laughed my ass off.

Restoring Nedoceratops: Gored by a Horned Rival?

Brachiopods: another piece in the puzzle of eye evolution -  Oh hey look at that - reducible complexity...

  • Monsignor John A. Close of St. Katherine of Siena in Wayne, Pa.
  • The Rev. Mark Fernandes of St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church in Sellersville, Pa.
  • Monsignor J. Michael Flood of St. Luke the Evangelist in Glenside, Pa.
  • The Rev. Joseph M. Glatts of SS. Simon and Jude in West Chester, Pa.
  • The Rev. Steven J. Harris of St. Issac Jogues Catholic Church in Wayne, Pa.
  • The Rev. Daniel J. Hoy of Our Lady of the Assumption in Strafford, Pa.
  • The Rev. Andrew McCormick of Sacred Heart in Swedesburg, Pa.
  • The Rev. Peter Talocci of St. Patrick's in Malvern, Pa.
  • The Rev. Phillip Barr
  • The Rev. John Bowe
  • The Rev. George Cadwallader
  • The Rev. Paul Castellani
  • The Rev. Michael Chapman
  • Monsignor Frances Feret
  • The Rev. Mark Gaspar
  • Rev. John Reardon
  • The Rev. Zachary Navit
  • The Rev. Leonard Peterson
  • The Rev. Robert Povish
  • The Rev. John Reardon
  • The Rev. Thomas J. Rooney
Suspended priests are named

I was going to provide links to as many of these pedophiles (allegedly) as I could find, but the links slowly went dead over the past few days so I removed them.