Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Link Dump 4/15/11

Today is the National Day of Silence. Are you wearing red?

Here is my post on the subject: Day of Silence

Day of Silence Twibbon

Focus On The Family Explains How To Harass LGBT Kids On "Day Of Dialogue"

The Sagan Series: These are really inspiring. Hat tip to the creator.

Freedom From Religion Foundation's DeBaptismal Certificate

Most Peaceful States: Funny how the majority of the most violent states are in the Bible Belt.

Catholic group claims children raped by priests were ‘homosexual’ participants, not victims: I can’t even process this. This piece of shit is a vile, disgusting human and not worthy of my spit.

'I was rescuing him from homosexuality,' church abuser tells court: *closes eyes and pinches bridge of nose*

The religious addict has to get the same fix as the drug user: That’s how the born again always come off to me.

Rock Beyond Belief Trailer Released

Marijuana Growing Consumes 1% of Nation's Energy: “Maybe they should stop growing that stuff. Or, you know, grow it outdoors.”  d.e.c.r.i.m.i.n.a.l.i.z.e.

The Christian Tale of Why We’re Fucked

News in Brief: More Black Men Now in Prison System Than Were Enslaved in 1850, and More : Holy. Shit.

Fox Nation Promotes Theory That Obama May Have Had "Brain Surgery": At this point I have nothing to say except the obvious “You have to be an idiot to believe this.” but we all know there are more than enough idiots out there. I hate your face, Roger Ailes.

Alcohol causes cancer? If you assume so, yes: Correcting the media’s scientific ineptitude.

Our solar system is wrapped in a mysterious energy ribbon

Archaeologist Claims To Find Nails From Jesus' Cross: I believe a smart fellow by the name of Carl Sagan once said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Brewer Vetoes Religion Bill: Wait..Brewer did something...reasonable?

Scientists find way to map brain's complexity

Monday Morning Quotes: Douglas Adams: “We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem.”

Missionaries of Hate

Creationists notch big win in Tennessee: So can we teach alternate definitions of psychology that do not include the nice little disclaimer that religion is not a delusion? Seems a little too convenient.

Kansas debate focuses on defining science: I hate your face, Kansas.


Sunday Morning Hate: Jesus Camp: Here is the full Jesus Camp movie for Netflix customers.

Misinformation and facts about secularism and religion

U.S. Military Spending Has Almost Doubled Since 2001: But I thought Medicare, Planned Parenthood and NPR were bankrupting us!

In 2001 Bush Tax Cuts Promised To Decrease Our Debt By $1.8 Trillion: But Bush and the GOP wouldn’t lie to us would they?

The Tea Party, One of the Greatest Feats of Propaganda Ever Seen

And now something nice to start the weekend with.

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