Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Link Dump 6/10/11

Suspension of Disbelief in God

Rejecting NOMA

There Was No Historical Adam - Hurp with a side of durp.

PETITION: Remove "under God" from the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance - Online petitions are somewhat useless and this will never get changed in our lifetimes, but that isn’t an excuse to not try.

Tree of Life

Monday Morning Quotes: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This Is Your Brain on Bigotry - Spoiler Alert: It’s Bryan Fischer with his typical LGBT hate speech. Move along if you saw it or don’t care. If you like shaking with anger, then by all means...

Kumaré: A True Film About a False Prophet


Everything & Nothing (BBC) - Do yourself a favor. Set aside some time to watch these episodes. They are one hour each. I’m probably going to watch them for a second time over the weekend.

Approaching Solar System's Edge, Voyager Probes Detect A Foamy Sea of Magnetic Bubbles

Church Cancelled Due to Lack of God - This is a classic Onion article.  It’s from 1996 so that makes it...15 years old. Pardon me while I mourn my youth.

/puts on Alice In Chains

Atheism Is the True Embrace of Reality

Tea Party Nation: "The American Left Is A Spirit Of Antichrist" - Once again: the Tea Party is not about fiscal responsibility. They are made up of dangerous, ignorant, tools controlled by the religious right which is manipulated by corporate interests. If you think it's a grassroots movement you're mistaken.

Borg Queen’s Sarah Palin’s drones supporters attempt to change history. Just like Star Trek: First Contact.
-Revision history of Paul Revere

The secret lives of photons revealed

Quantum Mechanics Gets Weirdly Less Weird - Speaking of quantum mechanics, Deepak Chopra (*snickers*) has an awesome spoof account on Twitter. Check it out: @DERPakChopra

Hungry Worms From Hell - This is is a cool article. It has exobiology applications.

Threats to Scientific Inquiry and Academic Freedom Expand in Virginia and Elsewhere - This level of antagonistic ignorance is a major reason why, as an American, I hate the concept of American Exceptionalism. That doesn’t make me less patriotic. It makes me not an arrogant dick.

Rachel Maddow: Pawlenty Escalates Anti-Abortion Rhetoric

Massachusetts Republican: Undocumented Immigrant Rape Victims ‘Should Be Afraid To Come Forward’ - Have we reached the point where we just shrug at the coarseness and inhumanity of the American right-wing?

No Excuse for Masturbation - From a painfully earnest Christian blog. For example: “The truth of the matter is, only those who can deny themselves of instant pleasure can call themselves real men. “

Damn it! Denying myself instant pleasure just so happens to be one of my turn-ons.


This Is How People React to Atheist Soldiers? - This happened in Annville, PA. Not that far from where I live. Sometimes I hate it here.

The Bible Unearthed - A nice documentary about the lack of historical cohesion in the Old Testament.

Russian Homophobes - If this wasn’t so hateful I would laugh my ass off.

Actually, that's not in the Bible - Earlier this week I realized that I have read every book in the Bible except "Revelations." It was never mentioned in my upbringing or any of the churches we went to. At least I don't remember it. I personally never bothered to read it since I always just assumed it was the most batshit crazy section of the Bible and no one I knew took it seriously. So I just read it.

Spoiler Alert: It is completely batshit cRaZy, but the real sin is that the prose is awful. How anyone can take that seriously just illustrates their susceptibility to bad ideas.

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