Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Link Dump 8/24/12

Atheist + Toast has butter and jelly and cinnamon sugar
and maybe some cream cheese...

Atheism Plus? Sounds awesome! Well maybe for a minute there.

Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome: Why The GOP Breeds Politicians Like Todd Akin It’s amazing to me how many other republicans are demanding that Akin fall on his sword for the good of the hive party.

Rape More Often Leads to Pregnancies  "Rapists don't pick victims at random," Gallup told Popular Science. "Unbeknownst to them, rapists clearly target victims based on their likelihood of conception. They tend to preferentially target young, post-pubescent females that are in their reproductive prime."

Obama mocks Akin over rape comments We rarely post Fox News links but this title is full of win.

Air Force rules limit size of tattoos, role of gospel Wait.  Say that last thing again?/

The Surprisingly Progressive Republican Party Platform...Of 1956 The tragic irony here is the frequent republican lament of the modern age and a longing for a simpler time (like 1956) when women and minorities knew their place and when only really lazy people relied on government aid.

Romney and the White Horse Prophecy This will be so much worse than a zombie apocalypse.  Zombies eat your brain quickly.

Kids found bound, blindfolded in Walmart lot said their family feared demons

I Am the Alpha and the Omega... I challenge you to prove that he doesn’t exist.

Deluded Individualism ”Thus, we can entertain nostalgia for a time when everyone pulled his own weight, bore his own risk, and was the master of his destiny. That time was a myth. But the notion of self-reliance is also a fallacy.”

Bonobo genius makes stone tools like early humans did

Christopher Hitchens’ Last Words Excerpts from his upcoming book Mortality.