Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Link Dump 8/17/12

Left Hemispheres: Best of Year 2 We hit our two year mark yesterday. Blows. My. Mind.

How Do We Know Anything? “A word of warning: All models are imperfect, none so far are in absolute, complete and total agreement with the world, though the most reliable are also those that so far match it the closest at present.”

Your Bible Is Making You Stupid “The data clearly shows that reading the Bible is positively correlated with illogical, irrational behavior because the thinky parts of the brain are stupidfied and the bad parts of the draim are made all strongy.”

Dear Son... Another parent disowns their child due to their atheism.

Atheist group unveils DNC billboards bashing ‘space alien’ Mormonism, ‘useless savior’ Christianity I can see the reactions to these now. The Mormon one: “Haha that’s funny. Stupid cult.” The Christian one: “Heeeyyyy. Waaait a second there! That is offensive!”

Atheists Condemn Family Research Council Shooting Cue the right wing outrage machine based on no facts in 3...2...1..

Does Mormonism Encourage LDS People to Lie? Well, considering how it started...

Leader Of Anti-Semitic Party In Hungary Discovers He's Jewish No, this is not an Onion article. Yes everyone has already made the Clayton Bigsby joke.

Mose Giganticus "Last Resort" The latest anti-Religion Radio post. I really love this album.

Baptists have 'opportunity' to reach out to Sikhs "Sikhs often... struggle with Christian explanations of the Trinity." With good reason. It's nonsense.

Why do we allow discrimination based on culture? “Double standards as always – racism is bad and illegal and immoral. Misogyny? Oh, that's just culture.”

Secular group: 27 secret atheists in Congress Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Will we ever… find life elsewhere in the universe? It is inevitable as long as we around to keep looking. There’s the rub.

Religiosity Raises Risk Among Sex Offenders, Clergy More Dangerous Than Other Groups “...religiosity was positively associated with the number of convictions for sex crimes and the number of victims among convicted male sex offenders”

Here's Where Farms Are Sucking The Planet Dry I saw this in my facefuck feed complete with the moronic comment “Yeah shit all over the people that grow us food. Morons.” <pinches bridge of nose> No you simpleton, we just need to do things better. We really aren’t doing anything different than thousands of years ago.

Toddler dies in exorcism gone wrong Adam sent this to the LH inbox with the comment: “Exorcism gone wrong? What does it look like when they go right?  If the goal is no demonic possession then isn't every exorcism a success?”

Religion linked to BMI in obesity study The Australians are seeing the same data. Have you ever been to the American Bible Belt? It’s a big belt!


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